We are organizing the SIGIR eCom'20 workshop on July 30. We have tried to make the workshop North America and Europe friendly.

We have made the registration free for the workshop:  forms.gle/5Lihwd3Vf9wXLdiD6

Workshop program can be found at: sigir-ecom.github.io/program.h

The 2020 SIGIR Workshop on eCommerce is hosting the Rakuten multi-modal product classification and retrieval data challenge.

The main tasks are Category classification & Cross-Modal product retrieval.

More details at: sigir-ecom.github.io/data-task

CFP - SIGIR Workshop on eCommerce (SIGIR eCom'20). The theme of this year’s SIGIR eCommerce workshop is integrating recommendations into search for eCommerce. sigir-ecom.github.io/

We are organizing the WSDM workshop on conversational systems for recommendations and search (ConvERSe), details available at: wsdm-converse.github.io
Inviting long, short, position papers & posters.
Submission deadline: Nov 15 2019

We had a productive eCommerce workshop at SIGIR2019. Accepted Papers for the SIGIReCom workshop are available at: ceur-ws.org/Vol-2410/ @AndrewTrotman

🔥 It's going to be a record-breaking hot day in Paris on thursday! If you are attending SIGIR 2019, come chill out with us at the 3rd SIGIR workshop on eCommerce (Louis Armand Est -Level S3) ❄️. We have a great program with keynotes, contributed talks, ideas & insights short talks, and panel discussion. Full program available at: sigir-ecom.github.io/program.h @AndrewTrotman

SIGIR workshop on eCommerce is hosting a "high accuracy recall task" data challenge.
Participants will have the opportunity to present their work at SIGIR eCom workshop (July 25, Paris)
Details available at: sigir-ecom.github.io/data-task

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Amazed at the SIGIR workshop registration numbers. The eCommerce workshop has over 90 and is not the largest!

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Liangjie Hong (Etsy) and Vanessa Murdock (Amazon) are confirmed keynotes for the SIGIR 2018 eCommerce workshop. Don't forget to register for the workshop along with your SIGIR registration.

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The "unofficial" Information Retrieval Mastodon Instance.

Goal: Make idf.social a viable and valuable social space for anyone working in Information Retrieval and related scientific research.

Everyone welcome but expect some level of geekiness on the instance and federated timelines.