@HoSnoopy Glaubst Du, sie verstehen auch nur ein einziges Wort von Deinem Toot? ;-)

Academics and practitioners working in search! Our BCS Search Solutions 2019 event for presentation of the latest innovations in search and information retrieval takes place November 26 in London. More info, programme and registration at irsg.bcs.org/SearchSolutions/2. We also offer an interesting tutorial programme on November 25 (the day before the main event). Please check out irsg.bcs.org/SearchSolutions/2.

Our Bibliometric-enhanced Information Retrieval workshop goes into its 10th iteration! Join us at ECIR 2020 in Lisbon, Portugal! Submission deadline is January 27, 2020. More info - sites.google.com/view/bir-ws/b

Talent meets IR Industry - updated speaker list for our free event next week Wednesday where we bring together research and academia. Registration still open and it's free - would be great to see you! sites.google.com/view/talmiri/

We extended the submission deadline of our BIRDS workshop to August 23, 2019 (midnight AOE) - sites.google.com/view/birds201

TALMIRI - Talent meets IR Industry to bring together academia and industry. An opportunity for students and all researchers and practitioners to discuss their work, present their ideas and just get together in a nice location not too far from London. Students are invited to present their work! September 18, Putteridge Bury, Luton - sites.google.com/view/talmiri/

ICTIR 2020 in Stavanger, Norway and CIKM 2020 in Galway, Ireland.

Can Information Science, Information Retrieval and Data Science learn from each other? And how? We’re exploring these questions in our BIRDS workshop held in conjunction with the @asist_org annual meeting in Melbourne. CfP: sites.google.com/view/birds201

Bruce Croft telling us to move on from conversational using just speech to true multimodal interaction.

Donna Harman, "Information Retrieval: The Early Years", Foundations and Trends in Information Retrieval: Vol. 13: No. 5, pp 425-577. Free copies available until July 17. nowpublishers.com/article/Deta

Call for journal papers: Our Special Issue on “Bibliometrics and Information Retrieval” to appear in the Scientometrics journal w/ Guillaume Cabanac and Philipp Mayr as Guest Editors. Deadline 📝: end of September 2019 sites.google.com/view/scientom

Call for nominations: Microsoft BCS/BCS IRSG Karen Spärck Jones Award - An Award to Commemorate Karen Spärck Jones irsg.bcs.org/ksjaward.php

We extended the deadline for FDIA 2019 submissions to May 24 - easychair.org/cfp/FDIA2019.

PhD students and supervisors - FDIA (Future Directions in Information Access) is an excellent opportunity for PhD students to present their work in information retrieval and access. FDIA 2019 will be held in conjunction with ESSIR, the European Summer School on Information Retrieval in Milan, Italy. CfP easychair.org/cfp/FDIA2019 . Deadline May 18. Please spread the word!

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