My first day at the University of Wolverhampton after so many interesting years at the University of Bedfordshire. Excited about new opportunities, colleagues and students!

We put together a Scientometrics special issue on Scholarly literature mining with information retrieval and natural language processing, which is available now.

We had a nice BIRDS 2020 workshop at SIGIR 2020 this summer and now the proceedings are finally online -

BCS Search Solutions also has a tutorial (Nov 24) on Reinforcement Learning for Information Retrieval by Alexander Kuhnle, Miguel Aroca-Ouellette, John Reid and Dell Zhang -

Reminder: BCS Search Solutions plus tutorials takes place Nov 24 (tutorials) and Nov 25 (main event). More info, the programme plus registration at and Our speakers are: Elaine Toms, David Maxwell, Paul Cleverley, Paul Levay, Charlie Hull, Agnes Molar, Marianne Sweeny, Michael Bendersky, Tony Russell-Rose, Jeremy Pickens and Ricardo Baeza-Yates.

Innovations in Search & Information Retrieval - our BCS Search Solutions 2020 event will be fully online on November 25. Have a look at the list of talks from industry and academia ( We also offer a tutorial programme on November 24 ( Would be great to see you!

You don’t “believe” in science. Either you understand the science yourself, or (in 99%) you trust the scientific method, the scientists and the peer review process. Science is the opposite of blind faith.

UK citizens, we need to ensure the UK's continued participation in Horizon Europe and Erasmus.

75 years ago, Vannevar Bush published his Memex article predicting hypertext, information retrieval, personal information management, even body cameras! 25 years ago ACM SIGIR commissioned a short animation of Bush's vision, 'Memex animation - Vannevar Bush's diagrams made real'.

(Via Mark Sanderson)

Playlist of BIRDS 2020 presentations -

More about how we brought together Information Science, Information Retrieval and Data Science at BIRDS -

BCS Search Solutions 2020 will be an online event this year taking place in November. We are calling for proposals for online tutorials at the Tutorial event or presentations at the main event. More info: (tutorials) and (main event).

Had a nice chat with our Innovation & Enterprise team the other day about Information Retrieval, life, the universe and everything. Our university RadioLab had the brilliant idea to even broadcast it. The interview is here:

We are bridging the gap between Data Science, Information Science and Information Retrieval tomorrow at our BIRDS workshop at . Join us online! More info on our homepage

All ACM SIGIR publications and permanent open access in the ACM digital library!

How can Information Retrieval, Information Science and Data Science get together to address today's challenges? Our BIRDS online workshop at SIGIR 2020 will look at this. Many interesting talks plus keynotes by Nick Belkin & Carlos Castillo and invited talks by Riccardo Guidotti & Xi Niu. Join us on July 30!

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