FDIA 2022, the Future Directions in Information Access Symposium, takes place on Wednesday afternoon in Lisbon, Portugal, alongside the European Summer School on Information Retrieval. The FDIA schedule is now available at essir2022.org/fdia/. If you like to learn about what our early-stage researchers are working on but can't be in beautiful Lisbon, we also plan a YouTube broadcast of the event, details are on our homepage. You can comment on Twitter using the hashtag.

Shocking and sad on so many levels.

Depeche Mode has been playing the soundtrack of my life, from my teenage days through midlife crises. They were there in good times and bad times - mainly good times.

Fletch kept the band and its sometimes difficult characters together.
My thoughts are with his family. 😢

You suddenly feel old when your heroes pass away 😢.


Germany. Double-booked trains, "friendly" conductors, only cash accepted, no Uber and breakfast not always what it used to be. Watch a pissed off Marc Almond on his way to Berlin - however he reached it eventually 🙈. I think many of us can relate to his Deutsche Bahn experience!


Future Directions in Information Access - the 10th edition of FDIA 2022 will be held on July 20 during the European Summer School in Information Retrieval (ESSIR) in Lisbon, Portugal. PhD students and early-stage researchers are invited to submit a paper about their work. Deadline June 20.

More Info -> essir2022.org/fdia/

We are seeking presentations for BCS Search Solutions 2022, which takes place in London November 23 with the aim to bring academia and industry together. More info at isquared.wordpress.com/2022/05.

Happy Birthday FC Schalke 04, you craziest of all football clubs! 💙

BCS Informer: Spring 2022 Issue Out Now


Plenty of articles about ECIR 2022 and more IR-related events and activities. Enjoy!

A playlist celebrating the legacy of Soft Cell, those they've influenced and the band's current favourites.


Wonder why I’m still wearing masks 😷 in crowded places? Here’s one reason. Covid hasn’t vanished yet, even if the government says so.

“I was a marathon runner with killer biceps – long Covid has stopped me in my tracks” | Rose George theguardian.com/commentisfree/

Ich habe mich die Tage mit Freunden über Corona-Fälle in der Bekanntschaft unterhalten. Wir hatten einen unterschiedlichen Blick auf die Anzahl der Infektionen.

Ich würde zum Abgleich gern mal von euch wissen, wie oft ihr bisher mit #Corona infiziert wart:

(RT sehr erwünscht)

JCDL 2022, the ACM/IEEE Joint Conference on Digital Libraries, will be held as a physical conference with support for remote attendance in Cologne, Germany. Please follow the link for more details.


Ich troete es noch einmal direkt durch mein Netzwerk hier... die @EU_Commission ist auch mit diversen Accounts im Fediverse vertreten.

Je mehr wir denen zeigen, wie wichtig dies fuer uns ist, je eher werden weitere offizielle Accounts folgen.

Hier gibt es eine Uebersicht > social.network.europa.eu/explo

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