Mastodon is gaining momentum - an adult dating site just started following me. I guess this is a good sign for the Twitter alternative?!

Good to read Sakai's reply to Fuhr’s Guidelines for Information Retrieval Evaluation:

Interesting online event on Quantum Natural Language Processing co-organised by the London Text Analytics Meetup

Just a quick reminder that the deadline for our BIRDS workshop (June 21 AoE) is approaching. Would be great to see your submission! Drop me a message if there are any questions (or want to negotiate an extension ;-)). More at

We extended the deadline for long, short and position papers of our BIRDS@SIGIR2020 workshop to June 21. We’re also extremely happy and honoured to announce that Nick Belkin and Carlos Castillo agreed to provide keynote talks. More details at

Social Distancing in Pictures…
Same place, Same time… Two pictures clicked indifferent angles, one with Zoom and other with Wide-angle Lens. How Photography can do the Trick without morphing… Add a misleading narrative too, it can be very Diabolic.

We extended the deadline of our BIRDS workshop at SIGIR 2020. If you’re working on the intersection of Information Science, Information Retrieval and Data Science, this one is for you. It will be fully online. More info and CfP at

The new BCS Informer also contains and article about our Bibliometric-enhanced IR workshop (BIR 2020) held online alongside ECIR.

The Spring (or lockdown) edition of BCS Informer is out, containing lots of articles about the ECIR2020 online experience, and more.

TREC-COVID: Constructing a Pandemic Information Retrieval Test Collection. (arXiv:2005.04474v1 [cs.IR])

BIRDS 2020 - an interdisciplinary SIGIR 2020 workshop for students, practitioners and researchers in Data Science, Information Retrieval and Information Science. We want to discuss how these 3 communities can learn from each other to provide more user-driven data/information exploration and retrieval solutions. Are you working on topics that could be interesting for one or more of these 3 communities? Please consider submitting. Like SIGIR, BIRDS will be fully online.

The final BIR video greetings before the workshop starts tomorrow by Muthu Kumar Chandrasekaran -

It's still possible to attend the BIR 2020 online workshop tomorrow. Please have a look at for instructions.

Happy Easter everyone! Another BIR greeting note, this time by Akiko Aizawa -

If you want to attend the online Bibliometric-enhanced Information Retrieval workshop for free on Tuesday please visit

I hope you’re all enjoying the day! Here are new BIR greetings, this time by Wolfgang Glänzel from KU Leuven and Scientometrics Editor-in-Chief

Context: (online participation is free)

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