@djoerd Yes, thanks. I will discuss with the BCS IRSG committee members how to make good use of it.

@djoerd Yes, I am the book editor. Let me know if I can help somehow to set this up.

@IPM Looks like I should get my affiliation updated 🙂

Thanks, @djoerd. Pretty cool to see the journal updates here 🙂

The Open Search Foundation wants to build a cooperative search engine:


I've been gone for a while. What have I missed?

Congratulations to Ellen Voorhees (and all other new ACM Fellows).

Very well deserved, Ellen made tremendous contributions to our field!


PhD positions on search bots and privacy-preserving information retrieval at Georgetown University. #vacancy #FIR


Lessons from Maarten de Rijke's award lecture: Focus on Safety (preventing information bubbles, mistreatment of subgroups, model drift) and Explicability (explaining of rankings, of fashion recommendations, of retrieved facts, if demoes going wrong). Challenge: evaluation of explanations; if people understand algorithms better, they'll trust them less...

... and get your inspiration from ancient Indian temples, whether in Amsterdam or not. #dir2018

Sptoify announced its new Data Science Challenge

Spotify Sequential Skip Prediction Challenge is a part of #WSDM Cup 2019. The dataset comprises 130M Spotify listening sessions, and the task is to predict if a track is skipped. The challenge is live today, and runs until Jan 4.


Nobody wants to join?

Paul and I accepted the challenge to teach the next generation of IR enthusiasts here in Sheffield. The fun starts now

@hiemstra That's a cool challenge. Are any of your students participating?

Glad to see that submissions for CHIIR'19 are pouring in. If you are thinking of submitting a demo or resources paper, this is just a wee reminder that there's still time until 21 October to work on your drafts sigir.org/chiir2019/calls.html

SIGIR will make all proceedings open access for all time, but this has not yet been completed.

The trick is that you cannot go through the DL, but need the so-called OpenTOC links - those will be providing access for unlimited time, the SIGIR Exec decided.

Eventually, you will find these links for all SIGIR conferences in a consistent way on the sigir.org site.

For now, for 2018, use this page for access to the papers: sigir.org/sigir2018/toc.html

More details on this workshop (including the registration link) can be found at ir.shef.ac.uk/bcs-sheffield-20

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