I've been gone for a while. What have I missed?

@frank Welcome back! You missed a relatively peaceful, chronological timeline without advertisements πŸ™‚

@frank Under: Preferences -> Profile -> "List this account on the directory" you can list yourself too πŸ˜ƒ

Thanks, @djoerd. Pretty cool to see the journal updates here πŸ™‚

@frank We might include Informer here too. Are you involved with that?

@djoerd Yes, I am the book editor. Let me know if I can help somehow to set this up.

@frank For other journals, we automatically post from RSS feed. There is one for Informer (
Shall I add an Informer bot-account from the feed?

@djoerd Yes, thanks. I will discuss with the BCS IRSG committee members how to make good use of it.

@frank Cool, what email address would you like to use for the login (should be different from this account)

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