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Another reproducibility study that is worth having a look at: Simple Techniques for Cross-Collection Relevance Feedback.


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Nice results for the Radboud IR team at :

Full paper “Graph-Embedding Empowered Entity Retrieval” by Emma Gerritse @fhasibi and @arjen

Reproducibility paper "Which BM25 Do You Mean? A Large-Scale Reproducibility Study of Scoring Variants" by Chris Kamphuis, Leonid Boytsov, Jimmy Lin and @arjen

Portugal in spring, nice reward for hard work!

Slides of the tutorial on explainable recommendation and search

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Excellent reasons for academia-industry collaboration by @arjen, with unexpected end...

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Panel on the usefulness of academic research for industry. Is water wet?

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Dutch researchers: Here's your reminder that since 2015, it is perfectly legal to make ALL your publications open access after a reasonable time: :openaccess:



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