Aaron Parecki's Webmentions are an elegant way to integrate web sites and social media. This could easily be integrated with Mastodon...


@edwin after reading you awesome article about creating a #Tilde club (edwinwenink.xyz/posts/47-tilde),

what other articles/guides/tutorials/books do you recommend reading, in order to setup a Tilde club server ?

@edwin I'm trying to figure out how to start using ctags and I've been finding your blog post "Custom Note Tagging System with Ctags and Vim" very interesting. I have also wanted (for years and years!) to take my note-taking to vim and markdown.

2020 is the year of Linux on the Desktop because only GNU/Linux users run desktop machines anymore

Nice graphic of Europe's political colors. Disclaimer: based on past elections, not the current EU elections.


I just made my domain ready for IndieWeb. After a nice request on the IRC channel, the first webmentions succesfully poured in!


@arjen Thanks for the invitation to this instance. I'm very new to Mastodon, but I like the idea of a federated and open source network. I'm curious to find out to what extent Mastodon fits with IndieWeb-like principles.


The "unofficial" Information Retrieval Mastodon Instance.

Goal: Make idf.social a viable and valuable social space for anyone working in Information Retrieval and related scientific research.

Everyone welcome but expect some level of geekiness on the instance and federated timelines.