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Milan Petkovic awards the Philips MSc thesis award for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare to Jan Trienes. Congrats @jantrienes !

#HELIOS will create a decentralized social media platform that will address the dynamic nature of human communications in three dimensions: contextual, spatial and temporal.”

They have #Pleroma on their radar and 5 million € in funding. Things are gonna get strange over here fast I recken.

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“The technology behind the internet is not incompatible with our rights, but the business model Facebook and Google have chosen is.”

Yep, that’s Amnesty International saying that.

How python started. Claims Guido 😉

Take home msg: you cannot plan innovation. They were building Amoebe, a distributed O/S, but what had the huge impact one could never imagine was a side project - that only existed because Guido got bored writing utilities in C.

"The Firefox UI is now built with Web Components" by Brian Grinstead

I'd be interested to see a comparison with Chrome's UI. (Is it based on web? Or just Skia?) Also, I wonder if Thunderbird will switch away from XUL too? Anyway, interesting stuff.


I would like to contribute by running an instance. Not by shipping money to Mr Wales!

I am shocked by the death of former colleague Arjen Hoekstra who I met at the climate strike of 27 September. Arjen did really important and influential research on water management, and recently received an ERC advanced grant.

"Discrimination, Artificial Intelligence and Algorithmic Decision-Making" writen by Frederik Zuiderveen Borgesius for the Anti-discrimination Department of the Council of Europe.

"How to be an ally of transgender people" and many other subject covered by @glennw at #twBCN for #transgender #awareness week.

I wonder how many publications that are eligible for free in the Springer Compact agreement (with Austria, Finland, Hungary, Netherlands, Poland, Qatar, Sweden, UK and MPI in Germancy ) are ACTUALLY open access... Anyone keeping scores?

The Institute does R&D into collective intelligence systems for a more creative, ecologically balanced and fair society.

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