I guess this is a valid complaint against the Princeton-Radboud study on privacy law implementation.

Was the study unethical by design? Certainly not. The researchers submitted an application detailing their research methods to the Princeton University Institutional Review Board, which determined that the study does not constitute human subjects research.

However, by contacting some Indy web developers instead of web companies that pay staff to answer legal requests, they effectively were -- in some cases -- doing resesrch om human subjects.

@djoerd FTA:
"I keep track of hit counts via CloudFlare analytics, but as far as I know there is no way FOR ME to collect information about a single subject"

I take issue with the subtle distortion behind "for me" in that sentence. Just because they can't see what CloudFlare is doing with it, doesn't mean they're not responsible for the decision. I see this "no user data for me" distortion everywhere. Trading visitor data for analytics is the problem. Questioning that decision is not unfair.

@mplammers I couldn't agree more. Even the Dutch Data Protection Authority falls for this frame. Here's how you can send everything to Google Analytics, AND conveniently claim "not for me":

However, I don't take issue with Christine Dodrill: She is completely transparent (I share this with Cloudfare but I don't have it myself).

@djoerd > I don't take issue with Christine Dodrill

I feel this misrepresents my argument. Neither do I. Nor could I cast the first stone, because who can use computers without tapping into the machine?

In my experience this was a public discussion about CCPA/GDPR issues and the role of webadmins, focussing on them feeling personally burdened by this research. I think their feelings are important, but so are their decisions. The CloudFlare distortion is therefore relevant to the debate.

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