@djoerd The shameless, cynical lies from their privacy directors say enough. They just flat out deny it?

I mean lies like these:
"used only for internal purposes by Planned Parenthood AND OUR AFFILIATES”

Thanks to this article we know that there are 48 such affiliates who DO use the data for other purposes.

How can we get these people in jail?

@djoerd It's like they go; "ok we've built all the surveillance into our website, now all we need is a "privacy director" willing to lie about it"

@mplammers Shocking right? But also, WHY? What is (for instance) Planned Parenthood gaining? Are there advertisements on their site? If so, in what universe does advertisement income for such an organization provide any substantial income?

@djoerd Well, no. I've had the same conversation that's in the interview many times. Because I consider it my technical duty to question these scripts they push. One thing they gain is marketing traction, for example a web dev telling them they need these scripts for a high ranking in the search engines. For a non-profit that means donation income.

@djoerd I've noticed this before, but I've always had them blocked and thought little of it, because it's the status quo to add lots of garbage to modern websites.

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