Quote from the blog post above:

> ACM needs a volunteer-led, diamond open access digital library, where the author does not pay, the reader does not pay, and the entire mechanism is self-funded, running on the volunteer work by authors, reviewers, editors, technicians, admins, and on micro-donations by friend organizations such as universities and research centers.

This is a great model. The publishing industry doesn't need a lot of staff, to be honest.

@ashwinvis Great quote isn't it? To be fair, I borrowed it from a paper that I wrote with Fabrizio Sebastiani and others. (djoerdhiemstra.com/2020/transi) Fabrizio wrote these lines.

@ashwinvis BTW, the ACL follows this model with its ACL Anthology, aclanthology.org/

There are many more "diamond" open access journals. One I like in particular is the Journal of Machine Learning Research: jmlr.org/

Yes! I had heard that #JMLR has significantly less production costs... something like 6.5 USD per article


Also see this discussion: ask-open-science.org/28/how-mu

P.S.: #JOSS (joss.theoj.org/) has net 0 costs by relying on GitHub for everything.

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