@djoerd Disgusting if true, but given it's Facebook we're talking about, that's not exactly _new_.

How people still think it's a great idea to build their business with a heavy reliance on FB is beyond me.

@doenietzomoeilijk @djoerd I consider anyone who builds a business on the goodwill of one, single giant megacorp, stupid.

This is not just "putting all your eggs in one basket", this is "locking up all your eggs in someone else's basket".

So many businesses have no backup, no plan to grow out of it (eventually) and often don't even have the slightest clue about alternatives or backups to run their business.

@doenietzomoeilijk @djoerd "stupid" was my intention.

Because people obviously thought it through and then decided "nah. its fine. I'll build my entire [shoe webshop], its audience and therefore the continuity of my business on top of one single platform".

Without an escape route, alternative or backup-plan that is stupid.

@berkes @djoerd The point is: to them, that one platform is The Internet. It is always there. It is trustworthy because they know it and they use it everyday.

I don't mean to say they're right, but they lack knowledge on the subject and didn't put in the work to gain that knowledge. And, to be frank, sometimes they don't really seem to have a choice, either. If it's between "don't sell" or "sell by using this shit network", they'll often pick the latter.

@berkes @djoerd We can disagree with that choice, but then again it's not our shoe webshop imperium on the line.

Let's be clear: the day that Facebook shutters is a day I'll celebrate. But until then, all we can do is educate users and try to get them to drop the platform that way. Calling them stupid isn't going to help one bit, they'll just stop listening to you.

@doenietzomoeilijk @djoerd And that is exactly what I call stupid.

You are free to model your business any way you want. But relying on one, highly asymmetric relation, is dangerous.

People starting a business have thought about it. They weigh their options.

This is not your grandfather who decides to 'zoom', this is a business owner diciding on her livelihood.

I've been there numerous times. I help people start theirs. The choice for IG or FB is made knowingly.

@djoerd maybe take your pictures in curvy deserts.

Though the algorithm make "skin showing" your thing and make it worse i guess. (it's a joke anyway)

@djoerd I'm not convinced they ruled out the possibility of it just being due to personalization, especially since they said some users were not shown disproportionately many swimwear photos.

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