The Open Search Foundation wants to build a cooperative search engine:

Great project. Unfortunately, the white paper does not yet give much information on how they plan to build the search eninge (other then organisations offering processing time)

I like the focus on Europe, I wonder if their plans also involve Qwant:

@djoerd Or like NUTCH does

The hard part, however, is to avoid lying, spamming or skewing by (unintentional) malicious nodes. AFAIK this has been unsolved as of yet. Well: probably a few ICO-blockchain-projects that attempt to solve this in that space.

@berkes Does Nutch allow running independent clients?
But you're right: It is hard to manage clients that misbehave...

@djoerd «Nutch can run on a single machine, but gains a lot of its strength from running in a Hadoop cluster».

Its architecture is "clustered". Not distributed in the pure sense, but decentralized.

@djoerd IPSE is an interesting project that aims to solve misbehaving search agents through mining.

@berkes Nice, but the page reads a bit too much as an advertisement.

@patricksudlow Still on Duckduckgo. Maybe I should help trees more. .

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