It turns out that Google is now using Chrome to track its users(!)

DNT: 1

@djoerd not sure they've just started but interesting to see this approach. I believe they were more clever.

@djoerd Somewhat expected 😁 Better use Chromium instead.

@djoerd "What hasn’t been clear until recently is how Google is [...] to track individuals"

dunno, but AFAIK Google is the Evil Inventor of end user tracking

so why the surprise?

@djoerd it's alike the 'arousal' that Microsoft W10 suggests using Edge instead of Firefox in their start menu, adding Bing search as a Notepad menu item.

M$ is the Mother of Forced Chain Selling and Extortion -- should have been public knowledge by now...

@djoerd This seems like something that'd be obvious in retrospect.
@djoerd Imagine using google products post 2016.

...Anyone know of a translation site that works as well as Google Translate?
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