@djoerd Good for you! I only use Google for search when I have the idea I’m not getting the best result from DDG. And that hardly happens. Let’s hope @duckduckgo can stay out of dirty money-grabbing hands! 😀

@sandyman Thanks. I used to turn to Google as well when Duckduckgo results were not helpful, and most often the Google results were not helpful either

@djoerd I did it an year ago and it's been wonderful . Never felt i have been using a tool ,compromising my needs.

@djoerd we did too a long ago...With hundred odd learners in our "open" school whose browsers have it by default.

@djoerd Sadly the article is behind the paywall although use it extensively. I also do use Google at times on the rare occassions when I'm researching and it's a hit and miss affair still :(

@djoerd maybe I should have used tor-browser. Many a times that fixes things for me.

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