Panel on the usefulness of academic research for industry. Is water wet?

Excellent reasons for academia-industry collaboration by @arjen, with unexpected end...

Keith Gutfreund of Elsevier and Emine Yilmaz of University College London agree wholeheartedly

Maryam Karimzadehgan of Google casually mentions ads ranking as a application that impacts people's lifes...
... and that Google only likes academic results that are efficient because Google has "a lot of data"

Christophe Servan of Qwant also complaints about academic work often does not scale

Jian-Yun Nie makes good point: work done 10 years ago that "does not perform" can be done now on a gpu in a few seconds.

Doug Oard from audience: we need internships for industrial people at academia! (internship at companies for academics is easy)

Mounia Lalmas from audience: academia's main impact on industry is training people that will work in industry. Yes!

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