I say something to @Erik that needs to be moderated... (test 1, 2, 3)

Just learned that Édouard Lucas, the mathematician that amongst others described the Tower of Hanoi problem, died as the result of a freak accident at a conference banquet! 😮


I have run comparisons of search results for the terms "garg" (expecting "Gargron") and "electro" (expecting "electroCutie") between the status-quo PostgreSQL-backed account search and the improved account search I have been working on:



the new semester has started, and the familiar rituals are starting to kick in. over the years, however, said rituals have matured, ever so slightly, taking on new forms

which is to say, those who used to ask the strangely large university facebook group "hey, does anyone have the course books for course x" have transitioned into "hey, does anyone need the course books for course x"

'tis all part of the circle of university life

Correction: it pulls up 8 patents on the first page, also one by Veveo (and I didn't count Microsoft twice)

The one from Apple simply patents "Federated Search", because.. why not?

A search for recent (since 2015) work on Federated Search in Google Scholar pulls up 6 patents in the top 10(!) Patents from: Palantir, Oracle, Altaba, IBM, Microsoft (twice), and Apple.


A Billion Word Benchmark for Measuring Progress in Statistical Language Modeling:


TALMIRI - Talent meets IR Industry to bring together academia and industry. An opportunity for students and all researchers and practitioners to discuss their work, present their ideas and just get together in a nice location not too far from London. Students are invited to present their work! September 18, Putteridge Bury, Luton - sites.google.com/view/talmiri/

"Mellon-funded report Mind the Gap catalogs and analyzes all available open-source software for publishing and warns that open publishing must grapple with the dual challenges of siloed development and organization of the community-owned ecosystem" https://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2019-08/tmp-tmp080519.php

iNaturalist has an app which you can use to scan any animal or plant with your phone. It is called Seek and I honestly think it's amazing! While scanning, or after you've made a picture, it will try to determine the species. You can also send your pictures to the iNaturalist community to help wildlife conservation or let others try to determine your animal / plants species.

It's Pokémon Go, but then the real deal! You look for flora and fauna!


me, and old white guy, makes a few sincere jazz recommendations 

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