so github is like pastebin with more steps

Massive Privatization of the Internet: The ".ORG" Top-Level-Domain has been Privatized. Ethos Capital announced increased costs for .org sites at a rate of 10% per year. Every year.

Hosein Azarbonyad presents approaches for transferring a model for Commitment Detection in Email from one domain to another.

Sien mentions this recent (2019) CIIR survey on Neural ReRanking models.

A Deep Look into neural ranking models for information retrieval - ScienceDirect

At the Lloyd Hotel Amsterdam for DIR 2019.

Many brief talks to share IR progress (presented at international conferences and/or journals) within the Dutch community.

Nice idea by Rennings, Moraes, and Hauff: axiomatic datasets constructed specifically to measure what axioms (neural) models adhere to:

Dietmar Jannach asks the right questions: what should we really measure when researching recommender systems? More Kaggle-style leaderboard chasing?

"your privacy is important to us" said the company, without giving you a "disable all this spyware crap" button, and making 90% of the spyware crap opt-out

Oh, and Firefox prevented a pop-up window! Cute...

The content being course information, no third-party content as you might expect (which is just as bad, but at least you can blame that third party)

Dark UI patterns on Radboud U. Website: "Content is not available because cookies are not allowed."

"Ruthless Quotas at Amazon Are Maiming Employees"

Jeff Bezos makes 2.5 million times his routinely maimed fulfillment center employees getting urinary tract infections holding their pee to make box-moving quotas while permanently destroying their backs.

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