Dear website, the only way in which I ever "interact with ads" is to block them.

OPNsense is an open source, firewall and routing platform.

So signal is having technical difficulties due to user influx. Signal didn't want to decentralize because it wanted to be able to continue to provide a reliable exoerience. Yet here they are unable to provide a reliable experience BECAUSE they are centralized.


When exposing a crime is treated as committing a crime, you are ruled by criminals.

#EdwardSnowden #FreeAssange

Free all political prisoners!

I had no idea how important common medical symptoms appear on dark skin was till I heard about #MindtheGap

In two weeks we're starting our MSc course Research Seminar Data Science in which students review papers. While reviewing is really important in science, it is also good to realize that peer reviewing is a relatively new invention. Many important scientific discoveries, like Einstein's theory of relativity (1905) or the double helical structure of DNA by Watson and Crick (1953) were not peer reviewed by modern standards.

federation is a platform for post-publication discussion, currently mostly hosting over 1500 discussions, mostly in machine learning.

Academic torrents hosts our ClueWeb anchor data (and much, much more)

I love this: The Institute for Reproducible Research by Joseph Cohen et al., the people that started academic torrents

TODO, check out Member: another decentralized, open source Twitter alternative

open access publishing in philosophy 

Nijmegen. Nijmegen was the first Dutch city to urge our government to sign the treaty to abolish nuclear weapons. The treaty enters into force in 2 weeks... without the Netherlands

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