SIGIR workshop on eCommerce is hosting a "high accuracy recall task" data challenge.
Participants will have the opportunity to present their work at SIGIR eCom workshop (July 25, Paris)
Details available at:

23rd International Workshop on Personalization and Recommendation on the Web and Beyond. Submission deadline: 14 June is your home if you know:

\textit{idf} = - \log \frac{n_t}{N}

and... everyone else!

Really useful! @Claudia Hauff's blog post about the 30 EMNLP 2018 papers most relevant to Information Retrieval. #FIR

Submit your ECIR short papers before October 23. We are looking for novel, thought-provoking ideas; the inclusion of promising (preliminary) results is encouraged but not required!

"This is the World Wide Web – not the Google Wide Web."

BTW same stance applies to email vs gmail

"Jack Dorsey from Twitter, Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook, all those Google nerds: They’re monumentally screwed, because they have no idea how to tame the monsters they have created. The way I see it, these guys — and they are mostly guys — were arbitrarily chosen. They started with some good ideas, some luck, great timing, got lots of people to believe in their rosy vision, and they won the unicorn lottery. Little did they know or care what problems they were creating."

Maarten de Rijke, winner of the prestigious Tony Kent Strix Award, will give his award lecture on 'Retrieval as Interaction' on November 23 in London. Register at (free entry). Looking forward to this!

Try "trec disk 4 5":

Your search - trec disk 4 and 5 - did not match any datasets.

Try "trec disk 4":

NIST TREC Document Database: Disk 4 - NIST Special Database 22

So... so much for Google Search effectiveness.

PS: I could not find DBPedia Entity, nor any INEX datasets. But okay, maybe they do not have the right metadata posted. Still, does work fine!

Maybe time for IR ppl to look into this as well.

code for the CIKM 18' paper "Standalone Neural Ranking Model" by Zamani et al.

More open science: research proposals shared with the community - learn from the best!

Out now - IJDL Volume 19, Issue 2-3, September 2018

Focused Issue on Bibliometric-enhanced Information Retrieval and Natural Language Processing for Digital Libraries

Call for participation: LWDA 2018, the joint conference of the German Computer Science Society SIGs on Information Retrieval, Knowledge Management, Machine Learning, Business Intelligence and Databases, will take place August 22-24, 2018 in Mannheim, Germany. It also hosts our 2018 Information Retrieval workshop, organised by the German Information Retrieval Special Interest Group.

I'm Rianne. I am new on Mastodon, @arjen won't shut up about it on Facebook, so I decided to give it a try :)

I work for a company called Crunchr, as a software engineer / researcher in HR analytics.

I've got a PhD in information retrieval, and am also interested in NLP.

A call for open science, and open borders as well.

MdR's blogpost about the visa situation after his trip to Iran, stopping him from travel to SIGIR in the US:

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