ClueWeb22: 10 Billion Web Documents with Rich Information. (arXiv:2211.15848v1 [cs.IR])

The computer science department at Brown University is hiring faculty in HCI this year in "Human-computer interaction, including HCI+AI, and socially-responsible computing in HCI, especially explored through multiple methodologies."

The post is here:

The department has been growing, and has had an emphasis on socially responsible computing. Brown is in Providence, a city with great lifestyle and terrific arts/food scene, and the application deadline is December 1.

Preview to EMNLP in two weeks:

Fine-tune your favorite deep retrieval models using lots of concurrent negative examples.

CODER: An efficient ramework for improving retrieval through COntextual Document Embedding Reranking

with George Zerveas, Navid Rekabsaz, and Dan Cohen

🎓 I just joined @unituebingen as a Professor.

🔬 My lab works on a wide range of topics in and their role in .

🗺️ Before coming to Tübingen, I spent time at Brown University, Harvard, ETH Zurich, TU Delft and the University of Edinburgh. Now I am excited to (almost) close my migratory geographic cycle.


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