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Today, @OpenAI announced Whisper, an automatic speech recognition model. Plus, they released it open-source!

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Is Google Analytics illegal?

Yes, said Austrian, French and Italian Data Protection Authorities and today the Danish DPA agreed! 🇩🇰

Exciting times to be a European, privacy-first web analytics project 🇪🇺

I am pretty sure they ( are not present here, so I will just re-toot what they put out yesterday:

"Just started a job in the Netherlands? 'A beginner's guide to Dutch academia' helps you find your way around the academic system. The new and revised online edition serves as an introduction to Dutch research and higher education. #oaj2022"

[Edited: this has the full link, not just a bitly]
#Dutch #Academia #Guide #

Ook op Radboud denkt men na over het zgn "activity based working"; helaas vooral gedreven door ruimtegebrek en een misplaatst idee van bezuiniging op huisvestingskosten. Ik ben hier erg op tegen, en verzamel materiaal voor onderbouwing van onze visie bij informatica dat ABW niet past bij onze academische functieprofielen.

Een misplaatste column van top management op andere universiteiten lijkt goede munitie.



Wie helpt mij? Ik ben op zoek naar de column van UvA decaan Agneta Fischer van dit voorjaar, "Nadenken op een eigen werkkamer is verleden tijd". Was het satire? Wil ze echt iedereen de werkkamer ontnemen? Is de motivatie puur het kostenplaatje of is er toch ergens diep een visie op wetenschap (beter resultaat zonder nadenken, de overwinning van de empirie, open review van studentenwerk en promoties, Etc etc)?


US seems to (finally) follow Europe's example in requiring open access publication of all government funded research.

Agreed - somehow ppl have decided that a low acceptance rate indicates quality, and that attitude should change. Good points countering "not novel" and "obvious" as criteria, we should not use those indeed.

Sometimes I wish everyone could read Dutch. Great column on the Finnish president and hatred against successful women (maar in het Nederlands):

Lees dit als je kunt:

Google refuses to reinstate man’s account after he took medical images of son’s groin

> Google has refused to reinstate a man’s account after it wrongly flagged medical images he took of his son’s groin as child sexual abuse material (CSAM), the New York Times first reported. Experts say it’s an inevitable pitfall of trying to apply a technological solution to a societal problem.

Meanwhile, the @EU_Commission is pushing the #Chatcontrol crap:

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Today we received reports of a phishing campaign targeting PyPI users. This is the first known phishing attack against PyPI.

We’re publishing the details here to raise awareness of what is likely an ongoing threat.

Professor position in data science, University of Neuchatel, Switzerland

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