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It seems I block 10 _million_ attempts per week, 16 times each second, of my Mac reaching out to iCloud which I don't use in any way (and therefore deny connections to).

#apple #M1

The Alternative Big O notation:

O(1) = O(yeah)
O(log n) = O(nice)
O(n) = O(k)
O(n²) = O(my)
O(2ⁿ) = O(no)
O(n!) = O(mg!)
O(n!*n) = O(rly?)

(From the bird site.)

"With the addition of federation with Mastodon/Pleroma to the Lemmy codebase there is a danger to Lemmy with the former clear delineation of the two spaces now possibly degenerating into an amorphous blob"

Do you think this is correct?

Hele oude NS reisplanner, doet het nu online :-)

(Wel keyboard nodig, werkt niet met Android phone.)

Looking ahead to the future, trying to understand how the future will look like, and, perhaps most importantly, finding ways to adapt your strategy to avoid trouble later. For some things we don't need more science to understand better how to act - don't buy more than you need.

Great, you can comment on Lemmy through ActivityPub over Mastodon now!


Time to install a lemmy server on (soon...)

Lemmy Release v0.14.0: Federation with Mastodon and Pleroma 🥳

Luca Bonissi bought a Lenovo laptop which came with a pre-installed Windows license he didn't need. He asked for refund, Lenovo refused.

After a 2-year court case, Lenovo had to pay 20,000 euros in damages for abusive behavior.

⭐ One of 2021 highlights

The OBS-Studio people aired some dirty laundry this morning about how Streamlabs asked them for permission to just call their fork "SLOBS", got asked not to, and did it anyway then cut all contact with OBS-Studio when they tried to work out a way to divide the trademark more.

The thread is filled with people, including some huge long-time streamers, who are shocked SLOBS doesn't come straight from the OBS-Studio project and Streamlabs does nothing to dispel that misconception when contacted for support.

I always know on some level SL were dirtbags :/
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The "unofficial" Information Retrieval Mastodon Instance.

Goal: Make a viable and valuable social space for anyone working in Information Retrieval and related scientific research.

Everyone welcome but expect some level of geekiness on the instance and federated timelines.