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PhD position in Computational Social Science at MediaFutures @ University of Bergen, Norway (Deadline: 5th July 2021)

“If you dig it up and sell it and profit from it, you’re responsible for it.”

@Shell is the first oil company to be held individually liable. Who's next?

👀 @Total @exxonmobil @Chevron @bp_plc


The go-fed/activity library (, for #ActivityStreams and #ActivityPub in #golang , now has a v1.0.0 tagged release! Woo hoo!

The supporting website,, is still a work in progress, though the tutorial should be mostly accurate.

A synthetic view of the Linux performance tools by Brendan Gregg.

Link below is for the SVG version so you can zoom in your browser :

#Linux #Performance #Monitoring

I was wrong. CRDTs are the future - Seph (former Google Wave dev):

Also on the topic of CRDTs: & ...
Local-first Software; You Own Your Data, In Spite of the Cloud - Ink & Switch:

Professor of Artificial Intelligence & Language, Speech and Communication

Employment: 0.8 - 1.0 FTE
Maximum gross monthly salary: € 8,371
Faculty of Arts
Required background: PhD
Duration of the contract: 5 years
Application deadline: 11 June 2021

Google AMP does not longer get preferred treatment from Google. That was about time!

For #Fediverse13, let me dig up my ancient blogposts on decentralized social media from time before #ActivityPub.

Oldest one would be this, where I mention Diaspora as "alpha": - just over 10 years ago!

And 9 years ago :birdsite: still had RSS feeds for each account:

Today on fedi you can get RSS feeds. Here's mine:

And here's the RSS feed of #Fediverse13 on m.s:

Does anyone know if iPad cameras can be harvested and connected to the Raspberry Pi?

I’m asking particularly about Gen 3 IPads.

Here is a pic for reference.

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