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Nextcloud is hiring. We are looking, for example, for a 'Web Designer' and a 'Developer Relations Manager' Please apply and join Nextcloud

Why search industry should not be an oligarchy: and you thought duck-duck-go would protect you from mass surveillance?! It's still Microsoft writing the rules here.

Contributing to #PeerTube is joining a community that believes in a free-libre and federated YouTube alternative and a more ethical internet 🌐 ! Study, share and edit PeerTube code:
πŸ‘‰ #FreeTheContribution

Somebody gave Mastodon's official iOS app a 1-star review on the App Store because "there are too many Taiwan independence" [sic, translation]. That's a first! Also, Taiwan is a country.

@frankmeeuwsen effe hier een schaamteloze plug voor onze Cloudspeakers Weekly Chart. Black Midi staat deze week op 1. Waarschijnlijk meer nummers die je mooi vindt. Elke zaterdagavond wordt ranglijst geupdate. Samen opgezet met @arjen

Living in the #Netherlands?

Sign this #petition to the #Dutch Government with a plea for fair #education in the classroom and to keep children away from #privacy-infringing #SurveillanceCapitalism platforms they (and their teachers) are forced to use.


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The "unofficial" Information Retrieval Mastodon Instance.

Goal: Make a viable and valuable social space for anyone working in Information Retrieval and related scientific research.

Everyone welcome but expect some level of geekiness on the instance and federated timelines.