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VI (over Nederlandse TV prut, in NL) 

Oh wow, the European Union πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Ί now has its own official Mastodon instance!

You can follow lots of important EU officials on here including the @EU_Commission

#EU #EuropeanUnion

Nice to illustrate ActivityPub: you can subscribe to Pixelfed accounts from Mastodon and see the photos posted there in your home feed, and even respond which the owner sees as comments in Pixelfed.


"Instead of migrating to another corporate platform, we should think about building interoperable and noncommercial online communities similar to the resilient resources that have worked for decades."

By @jomc


Elon Musk is buying Twitter, Jeff Bezos owns the Washington Post, and Mark Zuckerburg controls Facebook and Instagram. Despite everything they tell you, capitalists are killing free speech.


A few years ago I made this flow chart of which Mastodon posts end up in which timelines!

So, you can see how each instance will have a different local timeline, and even a slightly different federated timeline - and you can see why the federated timeline moves so much faster than the local one, too.

This is why it's important to boost good posts and use hashtags - the fediverse is fragmented and harder to search by nature.

[ #mastodon #meta #tootorial #howto #mastopedia #mastotip ]

Mastodon has gained 106,723 monthly active users since the end of March (when Elon bought 9.2% of Twitter's shares). 93,603 are new accounts. Overall that's a 42% increase in Mastodon's MAU.

Mastodon's monthly active user numbers have risen by 84,579 since the Twitter buyout story broke on Monday (and I do mean across the Mastodon network, not this server)

If you like the #Fediverse and you love to read #books, take a look at BookWyrm!

Bookwyrm is a federated Goodreads alternative and federates through the #ActivityPub protocol.

Oh look, another software anarchist, how original.

I'm part of a small software consultancy co-op based in Copenhagen. I wish I didn't have to toil under capitalism, but here we are.

I'm trying out the #fediverse experience to see if I can find more of a sense of community than the very Personal Brand focused Dunking of Twitter.

So far, it's felt pretty welcoming on here: lots of people, lots of tips on how to get started. But I have yet to find My People on here. #introduction #introductions

Haha, dit bestond al in 2018, maar is er zo te zien nog steeds: je kunt een potje schaken hier op Mastodon tegen iemand anders, give it a try #schaken #chess #schack via Mastodon by (see over there for instructions)

New users on
Welcome to the Fediverse!

Once you get the hang of it, please consider writing an toot and pin that to your profile.

I recommend @laura 's intro to Mastodon (link below), and tech savvy ppl may even like to glance over the ActivityPub W3C standard to grasp the full power. I like Pixelfed as another ActivityPub service, and there are more!

Hey there's a new #hometown server for STS / critical tech folks, !

@mistertim is admin

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The "unofficial" Information Retrieval Mastodon Instance.

Goal: Make a viable and valuable social space for anyone working in Information Retrieval and related scientific research.

Everyone welcome but expect some level of geekiness on the instance and federated timelines.