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B-PROP: Bootstrapped Pre-training with Representative Words Prediction for Ad-hoc Retrieval. (arXiv:2104.09791v1 [cs.IR])

Dear resesrchers, the IR Anthologyyyyyyyyy!!! Absolutely incredible.

What the FLoC?!
Don't panic!

Here鈥檚 how not to opt-in to Google鈥檚 FLoC:

Don鈥檛 load untrusted third-party content that might get classified as an ad (only applies during the origin trial)

Don鈥檛 call document.interestCohort(), and don鈥檛 load third-party scripts that might call it either.

More info:

Misinformation about Permissions Policy and FLoC - Seirdy

Goede column Sheila Sitalsing over fraude obsessie, SyRi, hardleers Rotterdam. "Hoedt u voor regenten met een computer."

Goede grap:

(Context: Allekabels gehackt, brengen verklaring naar buiten dat ze nu niet meer gekraakt kunnen worden vanwege hun datakluis systeem :-))

Today is great because...
a.'s a Friday
b. ...we have new servers 馃檶

Related, very exciting: a full Jupyter notebook including #Python and Numpy and math libs running *entirely* in browser鈥攏o server.

They compiled the Python runtime plus and Numpy and FORTRAN libs to #WebAssembly. It all runs in your browser.

This is kind of the opposite route from Gitpod, whom you go to to reduce the burden of server config and management. With things like #JupyterLite, you minimize build/config problems *and* keep your computers.

馃摑New blog post 馃帀

Is WebAssembly magic performance pixie dust鉁? Can you replace JavaScript with Wasm and things get faster?

鉃★笍 JS to AssemblyScript
鉃★笍 Benchmarking & Profiling
鉃★笍 Debugging the runtime
鉃★笍 Comparing file size
鉃★笍 also feat Rust & C++


Niels Niessen in de Volkskrant:
"De redenering van veel universiteiten tijdens de eerste lockdown was: het onderwijs en tentamens moeten zo normaal mogelijk doorgang vinden. De redenering had ook kunnen zijn: als universiteit willen we allereerst een sociaal veilige omgeving cre毛ren. Studenten thuis surveilleren hoort daar niet bij."

RT Thanks for IPFS & OpenZIM teams' hard work! If you are a Chinese user, There is a simple tutorial to help you begin to use Wikipedia on IPFS now.


CfP: SIGIR 2021 Workshop on Simulation for Information Retrieval Evaluation

Did u know the glyph failure character is known as a tofu 鈻

And occasionally the phenomenon in which it happens is referred to as tofu-bak茅

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