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Wonderschone voorstelling over een online liefde tussen een hoogleraar "proffie" en de Amerikaanse Sarah. Ze spelen hem de komende periode nog meermalen, telkens op woensdag, en je kunt de voorstelling bijwonen via Zoom.


Here a Spotify playlist with the most played tracks in the last seven days at KEXP Radio
This playlist will be updated on a daily basis.
@arjen @djoerd

link to KEXP:

This could be the REAL reason Trump refused to sign it and Vetoed it. Good thing the Senate just overrode that veto.

After the crypto play didn't work for Telegram, it looks they're planning to pay for the platform through... (have a guess?) advertising! 🙄

Tip van Pip Blom:

Watch this tonight! 20.45 CET a lot of great bands like Personal Trainer, Teddy's Hit, Kieff, Real Farmer and a lot more!

A bit last minute perhaps, but here is your yearly reminder that there is such a thing as christmas remixes.

My favorite is no sleep till Brooklyn by the Beasty Boys mashed-up with Last Christmas by Wham:

Much more can be found here:

I had planned to avoid posting until boxing day but this was too topical to pass up: Using gradient descent to find Christmas-tree-shaped fractals,

Works begins at the data centre on our expansion of servers in a new, and our own, room

The only drawback of using Matrix to communicate is that I have to keep reminding my friends @chris and @djoerd through another channel to go and look there for messages 😉

Down from 94 Gb. We switched to #WebP and it shows! 🔥



Your christmas present:

Current offline version of English Wikipedia incl. images:
2020-12-17 08:43 79G


Cross-domain Retrieval in the Legal and Patent Domains: a Reproducability Study. (arXiv:2012.11405v1 [cs.IR])

Zim it up! Another Christmas present for you all: it is now possible to convert almost any website to the Zim format.

Oh nice one!!

(Happy Volumio on Pi plus a DAC Hat users here :-) Streaming with HiFi sound quality on a rather cheap device.)

[PLUGIN] YouTube2 - Plugins - Volumio

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