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Congratulations with the Distinguished Service award Michael Ley, and thank you for giving us DBLP.

And of course

(Ok, niet in EKKO voor het eerst ontmoet dus, maar daar sloeg de vonk wel echt over. Naast LGW en Kyteman toch wel echt een super-bijdrage aan de muziek van ons mooie Utrecht!)

Fantastische weetjes: Kevin Morby en Waxahatchee zijn een stel (twee favoriete artiesten!) en hebben elkaar ontmoet in EKKO (favoriete muzieklocatie in NL).

In "The Making of Prince of Persia," Mechner reproduces three years of personal journal entries describing the trials and tribulations that went into PoP.

It's a genuinely delightful book, even if you don't care about the history of video games.

First, because of the ingenuity of the technical tricks that Mechner invented to create the breakthrough graphics in the game.


#2302 "2020 Google Trends" 

Interesting new project from Firefox coming up soon!

Private Relay generates unique aliases to hide your email address from advertisers and spam operators when filling in online forms.

Reached another level of linux maintenance. This level is called MOK key enrollment - you know who to ask if you encounter the same problems 😉

It took a while... but hey I can now load self-compiled modules again.

that failed dnf update took 2 days to recover from - the best attack is to move forward!

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