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U-reka helps city councilors of the city of Utrecht and their staff members find relevant information easily and quickly.

Want to try yourself (in Dutch):

Read more about the launch (and a small competition demonstrating the search power even for new council members) in the blog:

The customer case gives more detailed info, about the solution and, especially, the search design process to get there:

CLEF-2020 CodiEsp: Clinical Case Coding Shared Task (eHealth CLEF 2020)

I signed the petition to allow remote paper & poster presentations at scientific conferences, in particular machine learning and data science conferences.

Wacom tablets send info about your apps to Google Analytics (!)

Great post to learn how to detect software misbehaving like this with wireshark and a proxy suite.

Inspired by @arjen for a great song to start the weekend:
From 2017 Chastity Belt, according to their Bandcamp bio: a real band:

I just published my PhD thesis "Constructions as Linguistic Bridges" on my homepage at, feel free to ask difficult questions in preparation for the upcoming defence!

Here’s how we recommend using this tool to not only “clear” the off-Facebook activity already linked with your account, but also to prevent it from happening in the future.

It turns out that Google is now using Chrome to track its users(!)

DNT: 1

New arXiv preprint: Simplifying activity-on-edge graphs, with Daniel Frishberg and Elham Havvaei,

It's on graphs whose vertices represent project milestones and edges represent either tasks or ordering constraints between milestones. I already wrote a blog post on simplification rules for these graphs, but now we can prove that these rules produce an optimal equivalent graph in polynomial time.

A lot of NN accuracy seems memoization of training data. This work helps understand what's going on.


After 'winning' the Big Brother awards of Bits of Freedom, SyRI (System for Risk Indication) is now ruled unlawful. Article 8 (on privacy) of the European Convention of Human Rights has overruled the lawful basis for SyRI.

Judgement: "The fair balance criterion of the ECHR is not met."

And: The lawful basis for using SyRI is not transparent enough, and does not allow for adequate monitoring.

English article:


The Ethical Design Handbook is out!

Featuring insights from the great @laura, @aral and more…


Pelosi tactics, seemingly copied from Trump, seem to work well: what did Trump say? Nobody remembers.

Tit-for-tat also works best in simulations of repeated prisoners dilemma; perhaps more politicians should follow that strategy.

Time to re-read Naomi Klein on resisting Trump:

Yuval Noah Harari in one hour interview by Adriaan van Dis. Well worth watching!

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