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Straks om 13:00 ga ik ook staken. Ik heb eigenlijk teveel te doen. Maar de laffe houding van onze regering, die nota bene door de rechter gewezen moet worden op haar verantwoordelijkheden, dwingt tot actie. Kom ook naar de #klimaatstaking

Tip for those in Nijmegen:
Damien Jurado in De Stevenskerk.

Tickets on sale now and going fast:

#indie #music

Dropbox exposes personal details of viewers of publicly shared Paper documents -

And... we're back!

\[ -\log \frac{n_t}{N} \]

Hold-on your thoughts while updating to v2.9.3...

What do people think about ImageNet taking the data offline in response to ImageRoulette?

Did anyone already find out whether the MathJax patches work with the new v3 release candidate? #mastodev #mastoadmin #mathjax

A search for recent (since 2015) work on Federated Search in Google Scholar pulls up 6 patents in the top 10(!) Patents from: Palantir, Oracle, Altaba, IBM, Microsoft (twice), and Apple.

Two tickets to sell - I will be in Dagstuhl, hmpf, would almost skip that trip for this gig!

Here's a question for all users.

Meanwhile, I am upgrading to v2.9.3.

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