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Christophe Servan of Qwant also complaints about academic work often does not scale

Jian-Yun Nie makes good point: work done 10 years ago that "does not perform" can be done now on a gpu in a few seconds.

Doug Oard from audience: we need internships for industrial people at academia! (internship at companies for academics is easy)

Mounia Lalmas from audience: academia's main impact on industry is training people that will work in industry. Yes!

Excellent reasons for academia-industry collaboration by @arjen, with unexpected end...

Slides for panel done, on my way to student party

Krisztian Balog's attempt to do fully transparent movie recommendation. Very interesting and original research:

@sigir_students will be walking from the Ibis hotel (Hotel ibis Paris La Villette Cité des Sciences 19ème) to the student party venue.
It's an hour to walk, we'll be leaving at 6.45pm. Come and join, walk-and-talk :)

The student party is at the Who's 14 Rue Saint-Merri. A short walk from metro station Chatelet.

If you find a drink ticket from Who's in your badge, you are registered for the party!

Please be safe and walk in groups or with the @sigir_students !

Slides of Fairness and Discrimination in Retrieval and Recommendation tutorial

Welcome to @acamara and @Johanne, you are now part of the Fediverse!

Once you get the hang of it, please consider writing an toot and pin that to your profile.

I recommend @laura 's intro to Mastodon (link below), and tech savvy ppl may even like to glance over the ActivityPub W3C standard to grasp the full power. I use Pixelfed and as other ActivityPub services.

Inaugural toots on using a photo of lunch with Nick Belkin after attending the now Dr. Hugo Huurdeman defense.

See also: is your home if you know:

\textit{idf} = - \log \frac{n_t}{N}

and... everyone else!

Bruce Croft telling us to move on from conversational using just speech to true multimodal interaction.

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