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Dutch researchers: Here's your reminder that since 2015, it is perfectly legal to make ALL your publications open access after a reasonable time: :openaccess:

Thank you, #Microsoft, for sharing how many #Google services are looming in the #Chrome/#Chromium browser. I hope all projects that use Chromium take note and also start removing these. (slide was presented at BlinkOn conference)

Call for participation and for position papers for the Open-Source Information Retrieval Replicability Challenge at #SIGIR2019:

My thoughts on why/purpose/goals of my "Wayback Everywhere" addon


Install in Firefox/Chrome/Brave/Opera/Vivaldi/GNU ICECAT : (Has Gitlab link, screenshot pic showing 11 month stats)

#WaybackEverywhere #Firefox #Addons #Extensions #Archive #InternetArchive #WaybackMachine #Brave #Opera

Fascinating (and a little scary):

Female patients who are treated by male physicians have higher mortality than those treated by female physicians.

Apparently unique challenges arise when male physicians treat female patients. Interestingly: male physicians with more exposure to female patients & female physicians have more success treating female patients.

Better education and professional training needed!

Via Bas Bloem:

@hiemstra Yes, I will be more active in this new version ;)

Nice article about #Framasoft, they are doing really great things! It also contain quite some background information, e.g. I didn't know that originally Framasoft was a initiative by teachers to share #FreeSoftware with their friends and colleagues.

Interessante aflevering van De Technoloog podcast over Public Spaces, het publieke initiatief om meer alternatieven te bieden voor de grote Techbedrijven:

The normal Twitter's API only retrieves about 1% of all available tweets. Although you can retrieve the whole Twitter's timeline with with a special Twitter's API called Firehose, but it is super expensive and only available to a few companies. In this document, Jason Baumgartner mathematically shows the feasibility of reconstructing 99% of Firehose. He also urges the researchers to join forces and collect Twitter's data and make that data available to all researchers.

Selling your used Tesla seems like selling your smartphone without wiping it.


Crashed Tesla vehicles sold at junk yards and auctions found to contain invasive personal info on driver, including phonebook and calendar info from drivers' paired mobile devices; also found unencrypted video showing what happened just before accident


When was it decided that we replace all mentions of "weighting" by "attention"? And, why?!

Doing my meta-reviews 😉

A moral choice: Ethics is not a bug slowing down AI developments, instead, it is a feature for…

FoLiA v2.0 has been released! A new milestone for the Format for Linguistic Annotation; a practical XML-based format and data model for #nlp supporting a wide variety of linguistic annotation types. See

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