The proceedings of 9th PhD Symposium on Future Directions in Information Access (FDIA 2019) held in conjunction with ESSIR 2019 in Milan are online now - please see to see what talented young researchers are working on!

Useful contribution by SIGCHI on the road to open access:

"All of the organisations that I’ll be discussing (ACM, arXiv, IEEE, and USENIX) generate an annual revenue that covers operating costs and a surplus that is reinvested in the community and/or held as assets. These assets are crucial to secure on-going financial commitments and underwrite events. Building up these assets is necessary to underwrite increased financial liabilities as these organisations grow."

@djoerd eigenlijk wel hoor.

Dubbel erg dus. En dat is alleen China

"Google isn’t your friend, and neither is Facebook, nor Twitter, nor Airbnb.

And neither is Apple."

Against the cult of Apple.

@loke apologies, I was thinking dropbox but wrote docker. Well, docker is handy to run IPFS :-) But what I meant is that if you run your own IPFS cluster on multiple machines, you can use it as a private Dropbox that is decentralized!

Neat: DataFrame.to_markdown in Python Pandas 1.0

Nederland exporteert 377MEur varkensvlees aan China.

Hoeveel dieren is dat eigenlijk? En hoeveel financiële schade in NL aan anti-stikstofmaatregelingen?

Nieuwjaarsartikel: Onze economie vraagt om meer Europese ambitie

Maarten Camps

- Nieuwe technologieën en geopolitieke ontwikkelingen ­vragen om meer Europese coördinatie en een assertieve overheid.
- Meer Europese coördinatie van het innovatiebeleid en bij het reguleren van platforms kan voor meer groei zorgen.
- Belastingcoördinatie is nodig om de Nederlandse winsten van internationaal opererende bedrijven effectief te belasten.

Peter Boncz introducing the "CIDR at ADS" meetup later today.

Turing award winner Mike Stonebraker (!) on TamR's view on data integration, Stanfords Chris Re on Snorkel and Hinda Haned (no photo) on eXplaining AI.

Well worth the trip to Amsterdam!

Today visited the SIDN office in Arnhem.

@djoerd and myself pitched NoGA, a newly funded project to help organizations take Web analytics in their own hands.

(NoGA = No Google Analytics 😁)

Piet Beertema connected Europe to the internet, NL still a very large domain.

New study: The advertising industry is systematically breaking the law

Every time we use apps, hundreds of shadowy entities are receiving personal data about our interests, habits, and behaviour.

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