Somebody gave Mastodon's official iOS app a 1-star review on the App Store because "there are too many Taiwan independence" [sic, translation]. That's a first! Also, Taiwan is a country.

@frankmeeuwsen effe hier een schaamteloze plug voor onze Cloudspeakers Weekly Chart. Black Midi staat deze week op 1. Waarschijnlijk meer nummers die je mooi vindt. Elke zaterdagavond wordt ranglijst geupdate. Samen opgezet met @arjen

Living in the #Netherlands?

Sign this #petition to the #Dutch Government with a plea for fair #education in the classroom and to keep children away from #privacy-infringing #SurveillanceCapitalism platforms they (and their teachers) are forced to use.


@mastohost is number of instances the right way to count, or would volume of traffic be better? (Apart from the question how to estimate - some approximation strategy to be determined.)

I'm asking because I suspect instance activity to be very skewed. Maybe hosting 25% of the instances would still result in storing almost every toot and getting almost full network traffic?

Stop with what you are doing around 3.15 pm and join our livestream for our huge final line up - The Good Web with @EthanZ
- a panel with @paultang
& Oumaima Hajri @trinefalbe
and our Minister of Digitalization @AvHuffelen #pubconf2022

Great tool by @TamarSharon and her team: β€˜Sphere Transgression Watch’, which reveals how major technology companies are gaining more and more influence in different areas of our society #pubconf2022

Dr. Adriaan van Dis giving a great lecture in the occasion of his Honorary Doctorate.
Margot Mulkens on behalf of the Faculty of Arts awarding an Honerary Doctorate to Adriaan van Dis.

"This year, we say "Never again" differently. We hear "Never Again" differently. It sounds painful, cruel. Without an exclamation, but with a question mark. You say: never again? Tell Ukraine about it. Eternal honor to all who opposed Nazism! Eternal memory to all those killed during the Second World War!"

We couldn't go with the trend of the recent Twitter move to Mastodon, because we were already here πŸ‘€

But for the newcomers it might still be interesting to hear from their friendly collaborative Markdown editor with the cute logo. πŸ€—


@gverbaan check. Nu niet weer 5 jaar radiostilte he :-) we kunnen wel wat extra mensen gebruiken in de Fediverse!! Hernieuwd Welkom dus :-)

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