Job offer: PhD position in NLP, Knowledge Graphs, DeepLearning at FIZ Karlsruhe, Germany

More Eefje?

The complete madness of giving a live concert at the infamous Lowlands festival during Covid pandemic.

Stunning music video by Eefje de Visser for De Parade.

(English subtitles!)

CSIRO Postdoctoral Fellowship in Clinical Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning

That's a nice blog post @djoerd

If you're interested in weak supervision, do read up on the academic work on Snorkel and check out their code:

Also, see start-up Snorkel Flow's new platform for real-life implementation:


Get rid of Google and Cloudflare DNS addresses bundled in systemd-resolved
(FallbackDNS addresses)

#fedora #degoogle

Cost of registration for ICTIR for me: $75

For @djoerd : $75 + 3 hours of debugging
Oh and add a few toots from me back and forth on cross-checking information :-)

@yikes I like that you toot it on Tuesday haha must be tough one.

@djoerd ah it went quick but not that quick apparently - will send you zoom link in DM

And we start!

(2 minute trip to reach Norway ;-) That looks fun, let's see how it helps informal communication!)

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