Funkwhale is looking for new maintainers

Funkwhale is continuing looking for new maintainers.Who is intresting in becoming new maintainer for Funkwhale?

A blog article above is written by @funkwhale .

Amazon vs Elastic:

Doesn't look too good for Elastic...

(Oh well, it's just a layer on Lucene anyways.)

[CFP] Workshop on Self-Supervised Learning for the Web at the Web Conference 2021


Listening to all new releases on Friday is impossible on Friday!

Interesting how much that varies through the week.

What a nice project @cloudspeakers !

80% of the songs on my Spotify release radar today were OLD NEWS thanks to your list!

RDP at home, or "how to operate the Linux desktop playing an HD movie via HDMI on tele (in Firefox of course) from the Windows laptop", or pause/play without leaving your couch.

A manual for GNOME remote desktop (server) on FC33 (including a temporary workaround for missing UI and more):

Mouse-only so far (Wayland...).

#Google starts to lock out non-official Chrome builds like #Chromium. The #web is a cricual infrastructure these days and as such we need independent browsers and rendering engines!

If you care about the free and open web you shouldn't use Chrome based browsers.

Thread with more details:

@chris komen toch geregeld lekkere sounds langs hoor zo!!

Neem bv die samenwerking Rone & Georgia:

Was ik zelf niet snel op uitgekomen maar klinkt lekker.

BIR@ECIR2021 - 2nd CfP and deadline extensions - 11th International Workshop on Bibliometric-enhanced Information Retrieval

4 PhD and 3 PostDoc positions available at MediaFutures Research Centre @ University of Bergen

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