@ingo @nfuhr exactly! The profile photos are convincing though 🙂

@ingo @nfuhr ah but on the internet, anyone can be Norbert Fuhr

In retrospect it's weird that EdgeHTML turned out to be this brief transitional engine that only existed between 2015-2019. Even Opera Mini and UC Browser seem to have lasted longer. KaiOS may last longer still.

@nfuhr or, is this a wannabe - I'd understand, I wannabe Norbert too 😉

Exciting new accountname in the fedishpere: @nfuhr

Will it be the great Salton Award winner, this wise man from Duisburg-Essen?

RT from Internet Freedom Foundation (IFF) (@internetfreedom)

We have written to @DoT_India on the blocking of the privacy respecting search engine @duckduckgo in India which has been inaccessible since July 1, 2020.
#WhatTheDuck #DuckDuckDontGo


Original tweet : twitter.com/internetfreedom/st

In the course of writing Pinafore, I am apparently going to re-implement every damn thing ever, because my standards are way too high and I have too much free time

2nd CFP: CIKM 2020 Workshop on Entity Retrieval and Learning (EYRE '20) sites.google.com/view/eyre20

"Hackers are abusing Google Analytics so that they can more covertly siphon stolen credit card data out of infected ecommerce sites..."


@djoerd @tfidf Maybe RBP captures it more? P@20 together with MAP is pretty good too, not?

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