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If airlines and banks need to be saved by tax money in tough times, why keep on pretending those are independent companies and not really government institutions? Why pay their leaders high salaries 10x more than gvt officials and why pay their owners dividend if we all own them clearly??

De dynamiek op het wereldtoneel, Geert Mak in Buitenhof. Over de domheid in NL en in de VS, en het belang ons te organiseren als Europa.

Teaching the boys programming, fun with the artist mode of

This one is created by Pepijn.

Mijn thuis setup kan nog altijd beter! (Kiekje van Linked-In)

(Alleen nooit een apple dus)

#2289 "Scenario 4" 

Today’s BIR birthday message comes from Mike Thelwall from the University of Wolverhampton:

Interested in learning more about bibliometrics and information retrieval? More details on our BIR2020 page:

The third BIR greeting note came from Suzan Verberne from Leiden University: (sorry wasn’t able to post yesterday).

2nd BIR greeting note by Dietmar Wolfram, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA.

As a countdown to our 10th International Workshop on Bibliometric-enhanced Information Retrieval we are posting a greeting note per day. First one is by Andrea Scharnhorst

More info about BIR 2020 at The workshop will be online only - please let me know if you'd like to attend!

Student exams, disadvantaged, privacy, AI in the time of COVID-19 

ECIR 2020 Practice session at Radboud has commenced! (well... remote with the Radboud IR team)

Shameless plug:

Red Hat's big annual tech conference went virtual this year (thanks COVID-19). But also, the two day virtual event is free to attend now!

If you're interested in checking out all of the amazing content from Red Hat Summit for $0, learn more about it and register here:

Full disclosure: I'm a Red Hatter and my team has built a pretty incredible Kubernetes + Kafka + Knative + Tensorflow + Ceph demo for this event. I am super proud of their hard work!

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