The University of California's fight with Elsevier spills over to editorships: 30 UC editors of Elsevier journals "will no longer provide editorial services" to Elsevier unless/until a satisfactory deal with Elsevier is reached.

#ActivityPub devs, do you have at hand any good resources on passwordless logins on the web? Thank you.

Skype, Slack, other Electron-based apps can be easily backdoored

"At the BSides LV security conference on Tuesday, Pavel Tsakalidis demonstrated a tool he created called BEEMKA, a Python-based tool that allows someone to unpack Electron ASAR archive files and inject new code into Electron's JavaScript libraries and built-in Chrome browser extensions."


They finally made the DHT and resolution issues a number 1 priority for the IPFS project. Excellent news.

Can Information Science, Information Retrieval and Data Science learn from each other? And how? We’re exploring these questions in our BIRDS workshop held in conjunction with the @asist_org annual meeting in Melbourne. CfP:

So today I noticed the Sigur Rós store has moved to Warner Music and removed all their album digital downloads that were available, free and paid. So this is a reminder to everyone that international licensing deals just wipe music and art off the internet all the time with no warning. Own! Your! Music! Streaming services are nice for discovering new music but they pay nothing to artists, and it can all be taken away instantly unless you own and store the files yourself. #music

Matomo 3.11.0 is out now! Thank you to all contributors 👏

This release is rated critical.

We highly recommend that you upgrade to this latest Matomo release as it includes important security and performance improvements.

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ICTIR 2020 in Stavanger, Norway and CIKM 2020 in Galway, Ireland.

AFIRM 2020: ACM Africa Summer School on Machine Learning for Data Mining and Search

@djoerd @fhasibi hebben jullie je hotelkaart nog? Er is er een afgegeven bij receptie en lijkt op ons hotel :-)

Congrats to @Johanne who is now Dr. @Johanne according to birdsite info:

Mark Sanderson:
Just heard that @JTrippas has been awarded her PhD. Her supervisors (@lorryboy @damiano10 and me) send our heartiest congratulations.

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