Zo. Hoort u het ook eens van een ander. (Volkskrant redactioneel over appstore tarieven zaak.)

But the little things, they make me so happy
All I wanna do is live by the sea
Yeah, little things, they make me so happy
But it's good, yes it's good, it's good to be free


Listening to all new releases on Friday is impossible on Friday!

Interesting how much that varies through the week.

"What is Relevant on the MS MARCO passage ranking leaderboard?"

A poster presented at , the main findings of Tom Janssen Groesbeek's MSc thesis summarised in one PNG.

More info:

In hghschool, when I read Schachnovelle by Stefan Zweig, I wished I played chess better, what a story.

Now I feel the same due to The Queen's Gambit, a highly recommended Netflix series!

Mayor of Almere lauds Martin Kersten for his work on MonetDB, "his brainchild" and a benchmark for database systems throughout the world.

Stonebraker, Apers, Weikum collaborated with Peter Boncz and Stefan Manegold for a pretty nice surprise to Martin!

Roel van der Burg's MSc defense: what do the search behaviours of legal searchers tell us about their information needs and interests?

We were one of 84 TREC 2020
participants - this year, in the News track only. Incredible portfolio of test collections since 1992!

TREC is not a competition, but I'm still proud on ranking 2nd in background linking, with the MSc thesis work by Pepijn Boers. Using graphs to represent documents instead of bag-of-words, a highly original approach that can be developed further.

Now at @djoerd with a great opening slide (below).

Djoerd talks about replacing log data by anchor text, to mitigate or even overcome the problem of misuse of autocompletions to influence people's opinions.

Great plans at the opening of streaming from CERN, "the Cradle of the Web".

Overall objective:
European Galileo Programme for Internet Autonomy.

We need digital sovereignity!

More info:

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