Glad that Prismo is back @mxb (or @mxb now?)

Restarting with a song.

Maybe recover some old URIs by crawling my own timeline (tootline?), there are quite a few traces.

Unfortunately, that gives titles and URL but probably the description is not in there, or is it there but just not displayed? What goes into the Note object?

Fascinating (and a little scary):

Female patients who are treated by male physicians have higher mortality than those treated by female physicians.

Apparently unique challenges arise when male physicians treat female patients. Interestingly: male physicians with more exposure to female patients & female physicians have more success treating female patients.

Better education and professional training needed!

Via Bas Bloem:

For everyone here not viewing their timeline in the Web browser, or everyone seeing this Toot on an instance without LaTeX extensions, the screenshot below shows how this linked Toot renders on

So what is #DataScience *right now*? Show more

Congrats to Hosein Azarbonyad on successfully defending your PhD thesis!

(You looked so great I could not resist taking a photo during the laudatio! Soon it's Mostafa's turn 😉)

See also

On the deep topic of rotation symmetric math equations - cool.

Proud contributor to "Being Profiled: Cogito Ergo Sum":

A book in the occasion of 10 years of ‘PROFILING THE EUROPEAN CITIZEN’, an EU funded project that covered the downsides of profiling very early on, initiated by Prof. Mireille Hildebrand and colleagues.

Want to attend the presentation of the first copy to Paul Nemitz, Principal Advisor in DG JUSTICE at the European Commission, and
a panel discussion between representatives from Microsoft, UCL and SAS?

Announcement of exposition of paintings by the Utrecht based artist John Hoy, in Hooghiemstra.

@djoerd want to travel via HH / spinque on the way to EUT in Merleyn?

Data on tracking collected by (Cliqz, owns Ghostery):

Google, comscore, Facebook, Amazon, Criteo, Yandex and Cloudflare in the top stats.


The little joys of life: three "rel=me" backreferences working correctly to link my identity on three ActivityPub services in the Fediverse!

ICT with Industry 2019, 60 researchers working on 5 case studies.

Held at the Lorentz Center, 21-25 January 2019.

Organized by Lynda Hardman (CWI) and Suzan Verberne (Faculty of Science - Universiteit Leiden) with NWO and 5 companies:

- FD Mediagroep
- ICTgroup
- KB (National Library of the Netherlands)
- Persgroep
- RTL Nederland

Bye see you in Cologne for ECIR, Glasgow for CHIIR, Paris for SIGIR or DIR 2019 in Amsterdam!

Tnx @suzan!

Livestream of MdR's Tony Kent Strix Award acceptance speech, from London to Leiden.

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