Peter Boncz introducing the "CIDR at ADS" meetup later today.

Turing award winner Mike Stonebraker (!) on TamR's view on data integration, Stanfords Chris Re on Snorkel and Hinda Haned (no photo) on eXplaining AI.

Well worth the trip to Amsterdam!

Today visited the SIDN office in Arnhem.

@djoerd and myself pitched NoGA, a newly funded project to help organizations take Web analytics in their own hands.

(NoGA = No Google Analytics ๐Ÿ˜)

Piet Beertema connected Europe to the internet, NL still a very large domain.


If you want @deeds very nice paper at SIGIR 2019,

1. navigate to
2. open the schedule link
and 3. hurray, free access!!

It will take just one clever enough person to index all those links, and access problem solved.

Ideally, they then also index the SIGIR museum!! Another awesome resource that many ppl might not know about:

Followup on:

Challenges to address now that we have to deal with more and more continuous representations of information to attain high retrieval quality. Sien Moens at

At the Lloyd Hotel Amsterdam for DIR 2019.

Many brief talks to share IR progress (presented at international conferences and/or journals) within the Dutch community.

How python started. Claims Guido ๐Ÿ˜‰

Take home msg: you cannot plan innovation. They were building Amoebe, a distributed O/S, but what had the huge impact one could never imagine was a side project - that only existed because Guido got bored writing utilities in C.

Python identation rules trace back to this paper, arguing for Readability as a programming language design criterium.
(Claims Lambert Meertens.)

Reminds me of Hemingway's "Easy reading is hard writing".


I would like to contribute by running an instance. Not by shipping money to Mr Wales!

researcher in NL or B (or keen on visiting Amsterdam):

Better register soon: may run out of capacity, so if you are not quick...

Welcome to the Fediverse Siks PhD students!

Here's a post "stolen" from Facebook (just like Helter Skelter by U2):

Alistair Moffat keynote at SPIRE 2019, courtesy Ric Baeza-Yates

Full house for the Course for PhD students in Utrecht, NL.

Faegheh Hasibi @fhasibi presenting the lecture on Entity Oriented Search now.

Morning program included Claudia Hauff on Learning to Rank and other Machine learning for , and Hinda Haned on FAT* related topics such as algorithmic bias.

Not sure who will join us later today?!

Looking for Arjan @ the Siks PhD course...

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