De personeelsdienst neemt ook wel eens personeel aan. Fokke & Sukke 2/2

Of course, if you let people make security groups to specify what they want, you will always have a main switch that you do not tell anyone about to nullify that immediately. Four hours later...

Happy to see some activities gain traction around search in Europe!

Open Search Foundation

Running a self-build kernel on a modern machine includes using a UI akin time-travel to the days I first used a (Z80 based Xerox) computer.

And a little cursing followed by turning off "boot a Microsoft OS" inside UEFI BIOS (only after switching to systemd-bootloader).

It's been a timeconsuming "hobby" to re-learn on current Linux to complete tasks that were trivial once.

Jamie Callan's keynote without searching:

Highly recommended if you are into IR and how it situates between ML/NLP on one end and DB/Big Data on the other end.

Wikipedia2Vec wiki lists our Entity Retrieval with graph embeddings paper for . Neat.

Teaching the boys programming, fun with the artist mode of

This one is created by Pepijn.

Mijn thuis setup kan nog altijd beter! (Kiekje van Linked-In)

(Alleen nooit een apple dus)

ECIR 2020 Practice session at Radboud has commenced! (well... remote with the Radboud IR team)

Turned on the DAB radio to free up bandwidth in exchange for CPU cycles 😀

Great software,;
Great music, Kink FM!

Speciaal bier pakket van Brouwerij Stollenberg, om ze de quarantaine periode door te helpen moeten wij tanken!

Noodkreet oprichter en eigenaar Colin Reinders:

't is toch elke keer weer even schrikken. 

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