Just a reminder that Twitter perceives the Fediverse as a threat, and their project Blue Sky is actively spreading FUD about ActivityPub on their website. blueskyweb.xyz/blog/3-6-2022-a

@atomicpoet both observations are correct, don't you think?

Question is how much ppl care, I know quite a fee object to crawling mastodon, and don't like search functionality, so they'd not agree that this risk is a problem.

@arjen But not really. Decentralization means possible redundancies. I might not be able to port my exact account to another instance, but if one instance goes down there's still others.


@atomicpoet true but it's not a default operation to recover those under a new account in a new server, is it?

@arjen Right now, with many federated platforms, you can download your follows, blocks, mutes, etc., then export it to another account.

You can also set up an account on another instance for redundant storage of data.

But also: why do we even want to tie identity to any specific social network or instance?

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