And we're back! Sorry for an unexpected disk full event 🙂

@arjen Yay! Mastodon seems to keep every post that anyone on here once follows or looked at... If that's the case, then that would be a waste of disk space!

@djoerd I regularly clear the media snapshots, that is easy.

Current biggest problem is the account info, that is not easily removed for stale accounts (no `tootctl` option) but accumulates to a large size (9GB at the moment).

I could more rigorously remove parts of the database, but the text is not huge of course.

@arjen I wonder why all of this is in the PostgreSQL DB?. Of course Mastodon needs to store the local (hundred in the case of users, but why also store the remote users? Some caching policy would suffice, with a cache of some max. size...

@djoerd it's not even in the DB but in the filesystem. Definitely, this can be improved; but I have no time to spend on the Mastodon codebase myself, so relying on what there is :-) And, pretty impressed with what there is really!

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