Exciting new accountname in the fedishpere: @nfuhr

Will it be the great Salton Award winner, this wise man from Duisburg-Essen?


@nfuhr or, is this a wannabe - I'd understand, I wannabe Norbert too πŸ˜‰

@arjen It's me indeed! jstu have to figure out how to upload a profile image

@ingo @nfuhr ah but on the internet, anyone can be Norbert Fuhr

@ingo @nfuhr exactly! The profile photos are convincing though πŸ™‚

@arjen @nfuhr Hm, I'm tempted to create a fake Arjen account with lots of photos just to prove a point. No, better not. ;-) (If such an account appears after I posted this: it wasn't me!!)

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