@arjen I find it very difficult not to use corporate software for videoconferencing with more than 2 persons... do you have any suggestions (please don't answer jitsi or jami, they do *not* scale)
I'm usually extremely annoying about using libre software, but it's because I normally have a proper tool to propose... for videoconferencing I just don't :(

@tfardet I do not get further than jitsi, which seems less scalable when compared to say skype and zoom - but probably that changes quickly these days. It may also be a question of how you set it up - Jitsi can in principle be made to scale by using more peers, I think.

Adding to that: in my experience, also the major tools have trouble scaling up at this moment, when the whole world is moving online simultaneously. We have experiencied skype, webex and zoom all fail upon us last week.

@arjen (un)fortunately, this is not true for me: zoom and bluejeans are working fine while all jitsi instances I tried are failing miserably, including institutional ones 😢
I know the best option would be to setup my own instance but this is sadly not an option at the moment...

@tfardet yes, makes sense. Our system staff setup Jitsi, but both Jitsi and WebEx suffer from capacity of the central campus router - traffic goes from home A through the router to the campus machine and back through the router to homes B, C, etc.; and we have 30K students and thousands of staff, the gateway is not created for everyone off campus simultaneously.

We should setup Jitsi in the cloud as well - but everyone is busy of course.

@tfardet ps: I never heard of bluejeans before, their website looks convincing, how's your experience? Any insight in their privacy situation?

@arjen not really, it looks as bad as almost any other corporate thing... they sell and use your data, they do not care about the do not track signal, etc, etc.

@tfardet UX (convenience) vs privacy (inconvenience), usually the former beats the latter...

@arjen small update: it seems that people have realized some of the issues with #Jitsi following massive Covid surge so there has been some major optimizations on many instances and it seems to work better (I do hope it's not related to people using some corporate network in the background)
In parallel, German institutions have started hosting instances of #BigBlueButton, which worked really well for me in meetings with roughly 10 people, I highly recommend it!

@tfardet thanks, very nice of you to proactively update us!

I also saw BigBlueButton come by, judging from screenshots it is the same system as is used in the backend of our online learning system Brightspace.

If I have some time to spare (...) will take a closer look, seems a good option!

I have also had good meetings on Jitsi by now, BTW, holds up pretty well, especially for a few connections.

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