@arjen read & publish seems a narrow view: why not (given that most ACM publications are from conferences) also include 'patricipate' in the equation? Profit from conferences is substantial.

@djoerd part of that profit is from sponsoring? And a lot flows back already, supporting student travel in the next year.

Dunno, I think I'd focus on publisher role first. But you could include other SIG activities. Not sure if it makes it easier to tackle all the challenges!

@arjen As you know from 2007, ACM has strict budgetting rules for conferences. Wouldn't it be more easy to also budget OA costs in the registration fees (and yes, sponsoring)? Now maybe I am missing something..?

@djoerd then only author pays for OA - would lead to very high registration fees.

@arjen no, if we both participate, and you present while I listen: We share the cost of your OA publication.

@arjen suppose publishing SIGIR proceedings cost Euro 10,000 (which should be more than enough to cover the actual costs) registration fees go up with 10 Euro, no big deal.

@arjen I used to get a paper copy of the proceedings which' actual cost were probably close to Euro 10 too. We've budgetted these costs for a long time

@djoerd well I cannot deny I look forward to the open access ECIR 2021 proceedings :-) Show us the way!!

@arjen for ECIR the figures are much less positive. Springer charges commercial prices (say 40,000 for the proceedings), but the number of participant is 1/4 of that of SIGIR :-(

@djoerd but not with the other thousands of readers (hopefully :-))

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