Posted this on FB recently, should have copied it here to, tnx for pointing out @suzan:

Djoerd added a few bots to the mastodon service - makes it much more informative than just the posts from the three active users or so :-)

Please re-evaluate this much better alternative for Twitter (and maybe even Facebook), I am happy to hand out accounts to anyone interested in trying it out for a while.

See for an impression of what your timeline would look like.

@arjen @suzan I can add more, what about SIGIR, BSC IRSG, and JASIST?

@djoerd @suzan sounds all great! Noone has to follow them and they increase usefulness a lot, so why not?!

(BCS-IRSG not full BCS)

@arjen @djoerd Are you going to send regular toots about the SIKS course these days? Maybe this is a way to lure the community to mastodon.

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