This flawed decision has to be overturned.

Science is not politics.

IEEE, a major science publisher, bans Huawei scientists from reviewing papers | Science | AAAS

Scientists worldwide should work together.

About the politics:
Note that we HAVE serious doubts about so many things in CS. CISCO and Intel "bugs" could be by design, or be widely known in Secret Services, who perhaps co-fund Google, etc etc. NIST and NSA story on encryption. Research co-funded by DARPA.

@arjen why is IEEE (and most important standards bodies) based in the US? If they were not, then this specific action couldn't happen.

@phessler @arjen

I guess historically because most applied CS successes started in and still are based in the USA.

I sure hope ACM does not follow suit.

(Europe should much more urgently invest in developing their own alternatives...)

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