@arjen We do! That's pretty awesome @judeswae ! (also, I should finally play with @anildash's glitch)


Also quite like the **Self-appointed** attribute to "Community Network Advocate" in @judeswae@toot.thoughtworks.co 's profile. Would fit yours well too Djoerd 😃

@arjen Yes, I like the sound of that: I might just "steal" that title, @judeswae 😉

@hiemstra @arjen @anildash I truly appreciate the inclusion in this conversation. Especially if I'm going to be praised :) I should update the code of the #TootWall on glitch to allow others to use it for their instances. It should be a very easy fix. This just uses the public APIs without Auth.

@judeswae @arjen @anildash Thanks, I appreciate that. Now, I need to find some unused computer screens overhere.

@judeswae @hiemstra @anildash

I saw! Is it just calling config.instance, api.setConfig('...instance base url'), or is there more to it?

@hiemstra @arjen @anildash Yeah. There is no more to it. I was thinking of capturing the instance base url as a property passed to glitch. Something like tootwall.glitch.me/mastodon.utwente.nl
or tootwall.glitch.me/?instance=mastodon.utwente.nl

@hiemstra @arjen @anildash Ok, kinda works. tootwall.glitch.me/?instance=m

FYI. Will probably only work best on instances that don't have more than 1 post per minute.

@judeswae @arjen @anildash It works like a charm, and our local timeline is nowhere close to 1 post per minute

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