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\textit{idf} = - \log \frac{n_t}{N}

and... everyone else!

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Dear all,

For now, I will keep the site closed for registrations; but everyone can independently invite people to join using the following link to generate an invite:

If you know someone who wants to join this instance, then please do give them an invite!

Consider the instance open for those who know anyone on

"Sense of community" and an initial seed of some 40 IR researchers should be enough to keep those spammers out of here and still grow the club!

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Computer scientist 👨‍🏫 with main focus on Information Retrieval 📄

Also interested in Data Science / Big Data 💾

In the previous millennium :mastodon: a PhD on Multimedia Databases 🎥 (Yes that was a respectable research topic once upon a time pre-birdsite!)

is my academic home.

Entrepreneur: co-founder of ( admin.

Loves indie music: follow me at @arjenpdevries if you are interested in gigs, events, etc.

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Inaugural toots on using a photo of lunch with Nick Belkin after attending the now Dr. Hugo Huurdeman defense.

See also:

I created an easy way to customize a #Tusky build since it was requested by instance admins.
Please have a look and give me feedback.
@jaz @inditoot

PeerTube Index: search engine for videos across PeerTube instances.

Rewarding myself for getting first ECIR paper submitted.

Great new song by Big Thief:

Sorry to the neigbouring offices!!

Cross-posting from Linked-in.
/cc @dpg

Enjoyed giving a lecture on "Bias in Recommendations" at the SIKS Course "Advances in Information Retrieval," where I explained a bit about our challenges in working with implicit feedback (clicks), and was happy to discover Thorsten Joachims' seminal paper on implicit feedback late yesterday evening in preparation of these slides 😉!



Pinafore v1.14.0 

David @graus provides compelling scientific evidence that the filter bubble, if it exists at all, benefits diversity more than it hurts diversity.

researcher in NL or B (or keen on visiting Amsterdam):

Better register soon: may run out of capacity, so if you are not quick...

Nice question, how to learn something global in a NN approach.

Interesting detail from answer by Mostafa Deghani: include extra value into embedding to help it learn an (i?)df-like feature.

And @suzan mentions recent paper on Bert rediscovering the NLP pipeline.


"Give orange me give eat orange me eat orange give me eat orange give me you"

Nim Chimpsky (1973 -- 2000)

University of Wisconsin-Madison's Information School offers three tenure-track positions:

Target areas include:
- Human and social factors of data science, machine learning, AI.
- Interactive information retrieval including text retrieval and data mining of text or multimedia
- Digital archives including electronic records, digital preservation and records in cloud based systems
- Scientometrics including cybermetrics, webometrics and bibliometrics

Welcome to @emmagerritse @KoenDercksen @fwijayanto @Ilse @mshasha

On to Tilt Utrecht!

Once you get the hang of it, please consider writing an toot and pin that to your profile.

I recommend @laura 's intro to Mastodon (link below), and tech savvy ppl may even like to glance over the ActivityPub W3C standard to grasp the full power. I use Pixelfed and as other ActivityPub services.

Welcome to the Fediverse Siks PhD students!

Here's a post "stolen" from Facebook (just like Helter Skelter by U2):

Alistair Moffat keynote at SPIRE 2019, courtesy Ric Baeza-Yates

Slides for all lectures at the course:

Here, you also find the information for the group experiment of this afternoon.

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