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\textit{idf} = - \log \frac{n_t}{N}

and... everyone else!

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Dear all,

For now, I will keep the site closed for registrations; but everyone can independently invite people to join using the following link to generate an invite:

If you know someone who wants to join this instance, then please do give them an invite!

Consider the instance open for those who know anyone on

"Sense of community" and an initial seed of some 40 IR researchers should be enough to keep those spammers out of here and still grow the club!

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Computer scientist 👨‍🏫 with main focus on Information Retrieval 📄

Also interested in Data Science / Big Data 💾

In the previous millennium :mastodon: a PhD on Multimedia Databases 🎥 (Yes that was a respectable research topic once upon a time pre-birdsite!)

is my academic home.

Entrepreneur: co-founder of ( admin.

Loves indie music: follow me at @arjenpdevries if you are interested in gigs, events, etc.

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Inaugural toots on using a photo of lunch with Nick Belkin after attending the now Dr. Hugo Huurdeman defense.

See also:

#2391 Life Before the Pandemic 

I don't want Firefox to disappear. Please switch to Firefox if you haven't already.
#foss #degoogle #openweb

We're excited to announce Matomo 4 has launched! 🎉🚀🥳

THANK YOU to our team, community and contributors for making this possible!

Matomo 4 comes with greater security, more privacy protection, and a powerful new page performance feature!

Read more:

In hghschool, when I read Schachnovelle by Stefan Zweig, I wished I played chess better, what a story.

Now I feel the same due to The Queen's Gambit, a highly recommended Netflix series!

#2388 Viral Quiz Identity Theft 

Hey guys, what's up

I am conducting an anonymous survey for my MSc dissertation on the barriers to uptake of alternative social media platforms. If you're interested, please click the link below. Your input would be much appreciated!

The link is:

#fediverse #pleroma #gnusocial #diaspora #friendica #peertube
#alternative #socialhome
#pixelfed #nextcloud

Mayor of Almere lauds Martin Kersten for his work on MonetDB, "his brainchild" and a benchmark for database systems throughout the world.

Stonebraker, Apers, Weikum collaborated with Peter Boncz and Stefan Manegold for a pretty nice surprise to Martin!

Just about 200 ppl attending Martin Kersten's CWI Lectures workshop, basically the goodbye CWI workshop (upon "virtual" retirement).

Now Anastasia Alaimaki talking about "real-time intelligence", stating that "preparation kills discovery" (i.e., getting the ETL right only works for questions that you already know how to answer).

Five reasons to use Mojeek:

1️⃣ The only privacy-oriented Web search engine 🌎 🕷 🕸

2️⃣ The only English-language Web search engine that’s not based in Russia or USA 🇷🇺 🇺🇸

3️⃣ One gatekeeper for the Web is harmful 🕵️‍♂️ 🏰

4️⃣ Green data centre and shared values investors 🌍 🤑

5️⃣ We don’t track you but we do want to interact 📊 👂

We have released a new lemmy version (v0.8.7), which fixes all the federation issues reported so far. The test instances are already updated, so give it another try :)

Roel van der Burg's MSc defense: what do the search behaviours of legal searchers tell us about their information needs and interests?

We put together a Scientometrics special issue on Scholarly literature mining with information retrieval and natural language processing, which is available now.

We were one of 84 TREC 2020
participants - this year, in the News track only. Incredible portfolio of test collections since 1992!

TREC is not a competition, but I'm still proud on ranking 2nd in background linking, with the MSc thesis work by Pepijn Boers. Using graphs to represent documents instead of bag-of-words, a highly original approach that can be developed further.

Happy to be in the NIST green auditorium for TREC 2020 - well, the online variant, which looks suspiciously familiar to Ellen Voorhees her living room, with the beautiful TREC quilt in the back.

In today's November Blog Update:

- @kde Community Edition #PinePhone coming December 1st

- RK3566 announced as one of our next generation platforms

- #PinebookPro Docking Deck

- #Pinecil on sale within the next month

- Enough other announcements to write a novel about... luckily Lukasz already did that for me. :)

We had a nice BIRDS 2020 workshop at SIGIR 2020 this summer and now the proceedings are finally online -

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