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\textit{idf} = - \log \frac{n_t}{N}

and... everyone else!

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Dear all,

For now, I will keep the site closed for registrations; but everyone can independently invite people to join using the following link to generate an invite:

If you know someone who wants to join this instance, then please do give them an invite!

Consider the instance open for those who know anyone on

"Sense of community" and an initial seed of some 40 IR researchers should be enough to keep those spammers out of here and still grow the club!

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Computer scientist 👨‍🏫 with main focus on Information Retrieval 📄

Also interested in Data Science / Big Data 💾

In the previous millennium :mastodon: a PhD on Multimedia Databases 🎥 (Yes that was a respectable research topic once upon a time pre-birdsite!)

is my academic home.

Entrepreneur: co-founder of ( admin.

Loves indie music: follow me at @arjenpdevries if you are interested in gigs, events, etc.

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Inaugural toots on using a photo of lunch with Nick Belkin after attending the now Dr. Hugo Huurdeman defense.

See also:

Woon jij (wel) in gemeente Nijmegen?

Help Doornroosje van het bieroverscjot af.

Nu live en later terug te kijken, superleuk gesprek met DE Eefje de Visser:

Help je haar en haar muzikanten ook door de quarantaine heen? Live concertstream, postertje, evt. ook LP en meer features:

Je kunt ook in Doornroosje (en 5 andere zalen) gaan kijken:

Gezond hoor, popmuziek beleving tijdens quarantaine. Nog nooit zo vaak met koffie of thee aan de live muziek gezeten!

Spinque celebrates its 10 years' birthday today!

🇳🇱 🎂

A great adventure, and a lot of cool stuff ahead of us!

Als je al die metertjes op je dashboard hebt, dan wordt t pas moeilijk!

Maxim Februari column voor NRC:

CO(Vid)-19 implies no CO-2 tax? Ridiculous idea.

I've had a bit of trouble installing some #rust crates on my #windows machine due to not having a C compiler properly configured.

So I wrote a tutorial on how to install everything you need to get #gcc and #cmake as a part of your Rust toolchain on Windows.

En toen kwam ik ineens mijn oude liefde weer tegen. Perl dus 🙂

Brilliant project that tidies up public domain ebooks.

Gutenberg and Internet Archive are wonderful resources, but the texts are poorly formatted for actual use, especially on ereaders.

This is a volunteer driven initiative to bring these texts up to date with modern standards and make them look as good as possible on the page.

Happy to see some activities gain traction around search in Europe!

Open Search Foundation

We have started to ship the first batches of /e/-Fairphone.
It seems there quite some demand for this unique product!
We are renewing the stock continuously.

#degoogled #android #privacy #opensource #sustainabledevelopment


Some beautiful things happen now conferences are going online. Read the post by Stephanie Segura Rodas from Peru who is determined to learn more about search, and now can because went online.

NTFS, the New Technology File System, has been windows' default file system since 1993

"high definition" refers to 720p and above, with 1080p being Full High Definition and 2160p being Ultra High Definition

USB full speed was superceded by USB super speed, which was superceded by USB super speed+

using superlative names for tech products is always a terrible idea

Here’s the text: I believe that scholars’ choice of tools is not simply a neutral technical question, and therefore I have used software that contains embedded values of user autonomy to write this dissertation. Most of the text was written in GNU Emacs, an open source text editor that dates back to 1985 and continues to evolve through community effort. Emacs has an embedded programming language, Emacs Lisp, which makes it expandable to any kind of working with texts.

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