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\textit{idf} = - \log \frac{n_t}{N}

and... everyone else!

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Dear all,

For now, I will keep the site closed for registrations; but everyone can independently invite people to join using the following link to generate an invite:

If you know someone who wants to join this instance, then please do give them an invite!

Consider the instance open for those who know anyone on

"Sense of community" and an initial seed of some 40 IR researchers should be enough to keep those spammers out of here and still grow the club!

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Computer scientist 👨‍🏫 with main focus on Information Retrieval 📄

Also interested in Data Science / Big Data 💾

In the previous millennium :mastodon: a PhD on Multimedia Databases 🎥 (Yes that was a respectable research topic once upon a time pre-birdsite!)

is my academic home.

Entrepreneur: co-founder of ( admin.

Loves indie music: follow me at @arjenpdevries if you are interested in gigs, events, etc.

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Inaugural toots on using a photo of lunch with Nick Belkin after attending the now Dr. Hugo Huurdeman defense.

See also:

Discovering associations in COVID-19 related research papers. (arXiv:2004.03397v1 [cs.IR])

Proceedings of the 10th Bibliometric-enhanced Information Retrieval workshop at ECIR 2020 are online -

is running online on 14/04 and is free for all - info at

Bescherm onze gezondheid,
maar bescherm ook onze rechten.

De Nederlandse overheid onderzoekt het gebruik van een app waarmee jij inzicht zou moeten krijgen in of je in de buurt bent geweest van iemand die besmet is met het Covid-19-virus. Als de overheid al zo'n app inzet, dan moet deze voldoen aan de volgende uitgangspunten.

@brian thanks for sharing! we need more and better google analytics alternatives, way too many websites run GA!

Are you using Google Analytics on your website?

Consider replacing it with a simpler, privacy-friendly solution. I helped work on the new version of the Plausible Insights app:

No cookies,
No personal data collected,

Take a look 👇

All I can do is kindly ask that if you are inviting people to Mastodon on other social media, Telegram groups or whatever else, please please use the page instead of linking to specifically. Thank you

If airlines and banks need to be saved by tax money in tough times, why keep on pretending those are independent companies and not really government institutions? Why pay their leaders high salaries 10x more than gvt officials and why pay their owners dividend if we all own them clearly??

De dynamiek op het wereldtoneel, Geert Mak in Buitenhof. Over de domheid in NL en in de VS, en het belang ons te organiseren als Europa.

Teaching the boys programming, fun with the artist mode of

This one is created by Pepijn.

Mijn thuis setup kan nog altijd beter! (Kiekje van Linked-In)

(Alleen nooit een apple dus)

#2289 "Scenario 4" 

Today’s BIR birthday message comes from Mike Thelwall from the University of Wolverhampton:

Interested in learning more about bibliometrics and information retrieval? More details on our BIR2020 page:

The third BIR greeting note came from Suzan Verberne from Leiden University: (sorry wasn’t able to post yesterday).

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