Graph Technologies for User Modeling and Recommendation: Introduction to the Special Issue - Part 1 -

Efficient Multi-modal Hashing with Online Query Adaption for Multimedia Retrieval -

Does More Context Help? Effects of Context Window and Application Source on Retrieval Performance -

SPEX: A Generic Framework for Enhancing Neural Social Recommendation -

LegalGNN: Legal Information Enhanced Graph Neural Network for Recommendation -

Bilateral Filtering Graph Convolutional Network for Multi-relational Social Recommendation in the Power-law Networks -

Multi-Graph Heterogeneous Interaction Fusion for Social Recommendation -

Exploiting Group Information for Personalized Recommendation with Graph Neural Networks -

Learning from Substitutable and Complementary Relations for Graph-based Sequential Product Recommendation -

HyperSoRec: Exploiting Hyperbolic User and Item Representations with Multiple Aspects for Social-aware Recommendation -

Sequential-Knowledge-Aware Next POI Recommendation: A Meta-Learning Approach -

Multi-interest Diversification for End-to-end Sequential Recommendation -

Knowledge Preserving and Distribution Alignment for Heterogeneous Domain Adaptation -

Joint Representation Learning with Relation-Enhanced Topic Models for Intelligent Job Interview Assessment -

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