Semantic Models for the First-Stage Retrieval: A Comprehensive Review -

A Systematic Analysis on the Impact of Contextual Information on Point-of-Interest Recommendation -

Toward Personalized Answer Generation in E-Commerce via Multi-perspective Preference Modeling -

A Re-classification of Information Seeking Tasks and Their Computational Solutions -

Scalable Representation Learning for Dynamic Heterogeneous Information Networks via Metagraphs -

MiDTD: A Simple and Effective Distillation Framework for Distantly Supervised Relation Extraction -

Dynamic Graph Reasoning for Conversational Open-Domain Question Answering -

“What Can I Cook with these Ingredients?” - Understanding Cooking-Related Information Needs in Conversational Search -

Jointly Predicting Future Content in Multiple Social Media Sites Based on Multi-task Learning -

Understanding the “Pathway” Towards a Searcher’s Learning Objective -

Scaling High-Quality Pairwise Link-Based Similarity Retrieval on Billion-Edge Graphs -

Relevance Assessments for Web Search Evaluation: Should We Randomise or Prioritise the Pooled Documents? -

Personalized and Explainable Employee Training Course Recommendations: A Bayesian Variational Approach -

Grounded Task Prioritization with Context-Aware Sequential Ranking -

Learning Text-image Joint Embedding for Efficient Cross-modal Retrieval with Deep Feature Engineering -

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