Call for participation: Workshop “Designing Web-based Experiments” (WebSci’21)

CIKM 2021 - 2nd Call for Workshops (One week left to the proposal deadline, April 21)

Call for Abstracts Widening NLP Workshop 2021 ***Deadline Extension***

Final Call for Papers: 2nd International Workshop on AI and Intelligent Assistance for Legal Professionals in the Digital Workplace (LegalAIIA) @ ICAIL 2021

Launch of new journal, invitation to submit quality works - a key part of the gray research literature - theses/dissertations

[Call for papers] IRS@ACM SIGKDD 2021 CFP: The Second International Workshop on Industrial Recommendation Systems

CfP: SIGIR 2021 Workshop on Simulation for Information Retrieval Evaluation

Open positions in Information Extraction & Natural Language Processing and Citation Extraction, Cologne, Germany

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Goal: Make a viable and valuable social space for anyone working in Information Retrieval and related scientific research.

Everyone welcome but expect some level of geekiness on the instance and federated timelines.