Sequence-aware news recommendations by combining intra- with inter-session user information

Highlighting exact matching via marking strategies for ad hoc document ranking with pretrained contextualized language models

Exploring latent connections in graph neural networks for session-based recommendation

Learning user preferences through online conversations via personalized memory transfer

Recommendations for item set completion: on the semantics of item co-occurrence with data sparsity, input size, and input modalities

Open-domain conversational search assistants: the Transformer is all you need

CoSearcher: studying the effectiveness of conversational search refinement and clarification through user simulation

sMARE: a new paradigm to evaluate and understand query performance prediction methods

Kernel density estimation based factored relevance model for multi-contextual point-of-interest recommendation

Search results diversification for effective fair ranking in academic search

Combining semi-supervised and active learning to rank algorithms: application to Document Retrieval

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