Lightweight Blockchain Framework using Enhanced Master-Slave Blockchain Paradigm: Fair Rewarding Mechanism using Reward Accuracy Model

Quantum-Inspired Blockchain-Based Cybersecurity: Securing Smart Edge Utilities in IoT-Based Smart Cities

A joint learning approach with knowledge injection for zero-shot cross-lingual hate speech detection

Mapping WordNet onto human brain connectome in emotion processing and semantic similarity recognition

LearningToAdapt with word embeddings: Domain adaptation of Named Entity Recognition systems

Automated identification of bias inducing words in news articles using linguistic and context-oriented features

Exploiting temporal changes in query submission behavior for improving the search engine result cache performance

How well do hate speech, toxicity, abusive and offensive language classification models generalize across datasets?

MTTLADE: A multi-task transfer learning-based method for adverse drug events extraction

Blockchain-based privacy preservation for supply chains supporting lightweight multi-hop information accountability

An investigation of task characteristics and users’ evaluation of interaction design in different online health information systems

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