Global context and boundary structure-guided network for cross-modal organ segmentation

Business process improvement and the knowledge flows that cross a private online social network: An insurance supply chain case

Evaluation of web service clustering using Dirichlet Multinomial Mixture model based approach for Dimensionality Reduction in service representation

Exploring payment behavior for live courses in social Q&A communities: An information foraging perspective

Location recommendation by combining geographical, categorical, and social preferences with location popularity

FS-MLC: Feature selection for multi-label classification using clustering in feature space

Listening to the investors: A novel framework for online lending default prediction using deep learning neural networks

Adversarial text generation with context adapted global knowledge and a self-attentive discriminator

Marginalized communities, emerging technologies, and social innovation in the digital age: Introduction to the special issue

How can wikipedia be used to support the process of automatically building multilingual domain modules? a case study.

Discovering web services in social web service repositories using deep variational autoencoders

Practical non-monotonic knowledge-base system for un-regimented domains: A Case-study in digital humanities

Understanding user-to-User interaction on government microblogs: An exponential random graph model with the homophily and emotional effect

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