Personalized Recommendation via Multi-dimensional Meta-paths Temporal Graph Probabilistic Spreading

<em>What the fake?</em> Probing misinformation detection standing on the shoulder of novelty and emotion

A Novel Copy-Move Forgery Detection Algorithm via Feature Label Matching and Hierarchical Segmentation Filtering

A Natural Language Processing Approach to Understanding Context in the Extraction and GeoCoding of Historical Floods, Storms, and Adaptation Measures

A hierarchical network-oriented analysis of user participation in misinformation spread on WhatsApp

Why do I take deviant disclosure behavior on internet platforms? An explanation based on the neutralization theory

Recognizing fake information through a developed feature scheme: A user study of health misinformation on social media in China

Users’ ability to perceive misinformation: An information quality assessment approach

IS professionals’ information security behaviors in Chinese IT organizations for information security protection

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