A framework for pre-processing of social media feeds based on integrated local knowledge base sciencedirect.com/science/arti

Effective influence estimation in twitter using temporal, profile, structural and interaction characteristics sciencedirect.com/science/arti

Leader information seeking, team performance and team innovation: Examining the roles of team reflexivity and cooperative outcome interdependence sciencedirect.com/science/arti

A Pseudo-relevance feedback framework combining relevance matching and semantic matching for information retrieval sciencedirect.com/science/arti

Leveraging digital forensics and data exploration to understand the creative work of a filmmaker: A case study of Stephen Dwoskin's digital archive sciencedirect.com/science/arti

A Comparative Study of Outfit Recommendation Methods with a Focus on Attention-based Fusion sciencedirect.com/science/arti

Exploring the donation allocation of online charitable crowdfunding based on topical and spatial analysis: Evidence from the Tencent GongYi sciencedirect.com/science/arti

A semantic approach to extractive multi-document summarization: Applying sentence expansion for tuning of conceptual densities sciencedirect.com/science/arti

Examining the Influence of Emotional Expressions in Online Consumer Reviews on Perceived Helpfulness sciencedirect.com/science/arti

Sequential analysis and clustering to investigate users’ online shopping behaviors based on need-states sciencedirect.com/science/arti

HEMOS: A novel deep learning-based fine-grained humor detecting method for sentiment analysis of social media sciencedirect.com/science/arti

HKGB: An Inclusive, Extensible, Intelligent, Semi-auto-constructed Knowledge Graph Framework for Healthcare with Clinicians’ Expertise Incorporated sciencedirect.com/science/arti

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