Pairwise Interactive Graph Attention Network for Context-Aware Recommendation. (arXiv:1911.07429v1 [cs.IR])

Quels corpus d'entra\^inement pour l'expansion de requ\^etes par plongement de mots : application \`a la recherche de microblogs culturels. (arXiv:1911.07317v1 [cs.IR])

Rumor Detection on Social Media: Datasets, Methods and Opportunities. (arXiv:1911.07199v1 [cs.IR])

Identification of Rhetorical Roles of Sentences in Indian Legal Judgments. (arXiv:1911.05405v1 [cs.IR])

Allowing for equal opportunities for artists in music recommendation. (arXiv:1911.05395v1 [cs.IR])

All It Takes is 20 Questions!: A Knowledge Graph Based Approach. (arXiv:1911.05161v1 [cs.IR])

Artist and style exposure bias in collaborative filtering based music recommendations. (arXiv:1911.04827v1 [cs.IR])

Music Auto-tagging Using CNNs and Mel-spectrograms With Reduced Frequency and Time Resolution. (arXiv:1911.04824v1 [cs.IR])

FLEN: Leveraging Field for Scalable CTR Prediction. (arXiv:1911.04690v1 [cs.IR])

Norm-Explicit Quantization: Improving Vector Quantization for Maximum Inner Product Search. (arXiv:1911.04654v1 [cs.IR])

A Contextual Hierarchical Graph Model for Generating Random Sequences of Objects with Application to Music Playlists. (arXiv:1911.04273v1 [cs.IR])

Learning Preferences and Demands in Visual Recommendation. (arXiv:1911.04229v1 [cs.IR])

Beyond Similarity: Relation Embedding with Dual Attentions for Item-based Recommendation. (arXiv:1911.04099v1 [cs.IR])

Sequential Recommendation with Dual Side Neighbor-based Collaborative Relation Modeling. (arXiv:1911.03883v1 [cs.IR])

Cross-Lingual Relevance Transfer for Document Retrieval. (arXiv:1911.02989v1 [cs.IR])

CROWN: Conversational Passage Ranking by Reasoning over Word Networks. (arXiv:1911.02850v1 [cs.IR])

MBCAL: A Simple and Efficient Reinforcement Learning Method for Recommendation Systems. (arXiv:1911.02248v1 [cs.IR])

Self-Attention and Ingredient-Attention Based Model for Recipe Retrieval from Image Queries. (arXiv:1911.01770v1 [cs.IR])

ColluEagle: Collusive review spammer detection using Markov random fields. (arXiv:1911.01690v1 [cs.IR])

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