Interpretable Deep Learning Model for Online Multi-touch Attribution. (arXiv:2004.00384v1 [cs.IR])

Multi-Class classification of vulnerabilities in Smart Contracts using AWD-LSTM, with pre-trained encoder inspired from natural language processing. (arXiv:2004.00362v1 [cs.IR])

Impact of Semantic Granularity on Geographic Information Search Support. (arXiv:2004.00293v1 [cs.IR])

Task-adaptive Asymmetric Deep Cross-modal Hashing. (arXiv:2004.00197v1 [cs.IR])

Concept-aware Geographic Information Retrieval. (arXiv:2003.13481v1 [cs.IR])

Extending a Tag-based Collaborative Recommender with Co-occurring Information Interests. (arXiv:2003.13474v1 [cs.IR])

Overview of the TREC 2019 Fair Ranking Track. (arXiv:2003.11650v1 [cs.IR])

Session-based Suggestion of Topics for Geographic Exploratory Search. (arXiv:2003.11314v1 [cs.IR])

Supporting Interoperability Between Open-Source Search Engines with the Common Index File Format. (arXiv:2003.08276v1 [cs.IR])

Overview of the TREC 2019 deep learning track. (arXiv:2003.07820v1 [cs.IR])

Eating Healthier: Exploring Nutrition Information for Healthier Recipe Recommendation. (arXiv:2003.07027v1 [cs.IR])

Semantically-Enriched Search Engine for Geoportals: A Case Study with ArcGIS Online. (arXiv:2003.06561v1 [cs.IR])

Learning to Hash with Graph Neural Networks for Recommender Systems. (arXiv:2003.01917v1 [cs.IR])

Using Image Captions and Multitask Learning for Recommending Query Reformulations. (arXiv:2003.00708v1 [cs.IR])

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Handling Position Bias for Unbiased Learning to Rank in Hotels Search. (arXiv:2002.12528v1 [cs.IR])

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A hypergeometric test interpretation of a common tf-idf variant. (arXiv:2002.11844v1 [cs.IR])

AutoEmb: Automated Embedding Dimensionality Search in Streaming Recommendations. (arXiv:2002.11252v1 [cs.IR])

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