ExpertRank: A Multi-level Coarse-grained Expert-based Listwise Ranking Loss. (arXiv:2107.13752v1 [cs.IR])

The Cross-Lingual Arabic Information REtrieval (CLAIRE) System. (arXiv:2107.13751v1 [cs.IR])

Understanding and Generalizing Monotonic Proximity Graphs for Approximate Nearest Neighbor Search. (arXiv:2107.13052v1 [cs.IR])

Learned Sorted Table Search and Static Indexes in Small Space: Methodological and Practical Insights via an Experimental Study. (arXiv:2107.09480v1 [cs.IR])

A Discriminative Semantic Ranker for Question Retrieval. (arXiv:2107.08345v1 [cs.IR])

Neural Search: Learning Query and Product Representations in Fashion E-commerce. (arXiv:2107.08291v1 [cs.IR])

More Robust Dense Retrieval with Contrastive Dual Learning. (arXiv:2107.07773v1 [cs.IR])

Recommending best course of treatment based on similarities of prognostic markers\thanks{All authors contributed equally. (arXiv:2107.07500v1 [cs.IR])

Next-item Recommendations in Short Sessions. (arXiv:2107.07453v1 [cs.IR])

Scene-adaptive Knowledge Distillation for Sequential Recommendation via Differentiable Architecture Search. (arXiv:2107.07173v1 [cs.IR])

Linking Health News to Research Literature. (arXiv:2107.06472v1 [cs.IR])

Asking Clarifying Questions Based on Negative Feedback in Conversational Search. (arXiv:2107.05760v1 [cs.IR])

COPER a query-adaptable Semantics-based Search Engine for Persian COVID-19 Articles. (arXiv:2107.05722v1 [cs.IR])

SPLADE: Sparse Lexical and Expansion Model for First Stage Ranking. (arXiv:2107.05720v1 [cs.IR])

Rating and aspect-based opinion graph embeddings for explainable recommendations. (arXiv:2107.03385v1 [cs.IR])

Graphing else matters: exploiting aspect opinions and ratings in explainable graph-based recommendations. (arXiv:2107.03226v1 [cs.IR])

SearchGCN: Powering Embedding Retrieval by Graph Convolution Networks for E-Commerce Search. (arXiv:2107.00525v1 [cs.IR])

Embedding-based Recommender System for Job to Candidate Matching on Scale. (arXiv:2107.00221v1 [cs.IR])

Multi-Modal Chorus Recognition for Improving Song Search. (arXiv:2106.16153v1 [cs.IR])

A Bytecode-based Approach for Smart Contract Classification. (arXiv:2106.15497v1 [cs.IR])

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