COIL: Revisit Exact Lexical Match in Information Retrieval with Contextualized Inverted List. (arXiv:2104.07186v1 [cs.IR])

A Large-Scale Analysis of Mixed Initiative in Information-Seeking Dialogues for Conversational Search. (arXiv:2104.07096v1 [cs.IR])

Efficiently Teaching an Effective Dense Retriever with Balanced Topic Aware Sampling. (arXiv:2104.06967v1 [cs.IR])

BERT Embeddings Can Track Context in Conversational Search. (arXiv:2104.06529v1 [cs.IR])

An Adversarial Imitation Click Model for Information Retrieval. (arXiv:2104.06077v1 [cs.IR])

A Probabilistic Framework for Lexicon-based Keyword Spotting in Handwritten Text Images. (arXiv:2104.04556v1 [cs.IR])

Query2Prod2Vec Grounded Word Embeddings for eCommerce. (arXiv:2104.02061v1 [cs.IR])

NaturalProofs: Mathematical Theorem Proving in Natural Language. (arXiv:2104.01112v1 [cs.IR])

Capturing Knowledge of Emerging Entities From Extended Search Snippets. (arXiv:2104.01105v1 [cs.IR])

The CSO Classifier: Ontology-Driven Detection of Research Topics in Scholarly Articles. (arXiv:2104.00948v1 [cs.IR])

An In-depth Analysis of Passage-Level Label Transfer for Contextual Document Ranking. (arXiv:2103.16669v1 [cs.IR])

Unsupervised Multi-Index Semantic Hashing. (arXiv:2103.14460v1 [cs.IR])

A PSO Strategy of Finding Relevant Web Documents using a New Similarity Measure. (arXiv:2103.14371v1 [cs.IR])

Web Mining for Estimating Regulatory Blockchain Readiness. (arXiv:2103.13235v1 [cs.IR])

From Semantic Retrieval to Pairwise Ranking: Applying Deep Learning in E-commerce Search. (arXiv:2103.12982v1 [cs.IR])

CSFCube -- A Test Collection of Computer Science Research Articles for Faceted Query by Example. (arXiv:2103.12906v1 [cs.IR])

Redefining Absent Keyphrases and their Effect on Retrieval Effectiveness. (arXiv:2103.12440v1 [cs.IR])

HSEarch: semantic search system for workplace accident reports. (arXiv:2103.12420v1 [cs.IR])

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